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Did you get a tape-recorded message on the phone from Rep. Steve King last week?
  • Boots and blue-jeaned into oblivion

    I invite you take a Sunday drive through the Des Moines suburb of Grimes, which is snaking east with housing subdivisions and schools and mad-confusing roundabouts. Grimes is grinding up land like a gold-rush town. Better yet, hit the construction on Highway 141 around 5:10 p.m. on a Friday. Make sure you have patience and enough gas.

  • Cuts to RFS would have deep impact on rural America
    Iowans should know that the Trump administration is sharpening the knife, preparing to gut renewable fuels in America. This should be a serious concern to all of us.
  • I hope reading this makes you uncomfortable
    I wanted to take a moment to discuss the NFL players protesting social injustice and the underlying racial issues in this country.
  • President Trump should take a knee
    Over the past weekend hundreds of NFL players, coaches, owners and various hangers-on knelt, sat or linked arms on Sunday during the playing of the national anthem, including owner Jerry Jones and his Dallas Cowboys before the Monday Night Football game.
  • Public is a nuisance
    It bewilders us why the Buena Vista, Calhoun and Sac County boards of supervisors would even think about meeting in closed session to discuss how to pay bills for the dismissed Des Moines Water Works lawsuit that several months ago bedeviled them. We have spoken about this for years. This is public business. Citizens for two years have been treated as a common nuisance.
  • The Carroll High class that’s never had a reunion — until now
    A few weeks ago my husband and I attended a discussion with Ken Burns where we saw a preview of his upcoming documentary “Vietnam.”  The crowd, about 800 people, settled as a black-and-white film began with scratches and stutters from now-archaic camera footage.
  • School sales tax should  be priority legislation
    The first rule of medicine or reasonable politics is: first, do no harm. The Iowa Legislature should follow this dictum when it reconvenes to extend the life of the school local option sales tax that is used for infrastructure.
  • Iowa — the  beauty of the land
    These are tough times for our country, for our institutions, for our politics, and even for our families.
  • Why Mr. Knott earned your vote Tuesday
    In the 1960 movie “Inherit the Wind,” a signature piece of filmmaking that dramatizes the Scopes Monkey Trial, Spencer Tracy’s character, the attorney defending the teaching of evolution in schools, in very animated fashion delivers one of the best lines in cinematic history.
  • Another profile in courage
    “I ... looked down into my open grave,” said Senator Edmund Ross of Kansas as he cast the deciding vote in the impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson in 1868, and famously quoted by President John F. Kennedy in his Pulitzer Prize-winning book, “Profiles in Courage.” Before his vote, Senator Ross vowed that he had taken his oath of office so that he would “have the courage to vote according to the dictates of my judgment and for the highest good of the country.”
  • A baby bump?  Think twice, fetus carrier, says Democratic candidate

    J.D. Scholten considers himself generally under the pro-choice rubric as a candidate on the position of abortion.

  • Undisputed in the Midwest
    A handful of miles south of Missouri Valley on Interstate 29 views of Omaha’s skyline fill the winshield. It’s just minutes from the urban reaches of Nebraska’a largest city to the vastness of farmland that stretches here to west-central Iowa.
  • Sunday silence: Hubbell doesn’t want to talk faith
    Businessman-turned-politician Fred Hubbell’s biography is generations deep in Iowa. In fact, it tracks with the history of our state itself.
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