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Janet Auge
Janet Auge

An article in The Daily Times Herald Oct. 12 reported on the possibility of a write-in campaign to oust certain Carroll city councilpeople who run unopposed on the ballot.

  • Interviewing surrogates, family members, friends or political associates of the actual candidates for office, is most often an eye-rolling obligation more than an opportunity for journalists.

    But there are some notable exceptions.

  • Growing up with Nick Nurse

    In 1985, I was in the fourth grade in Carroll. My parents took us to every Kuemper boys basketball game possible.

  • The wonders of a weekend away

    When we left Carroll, we headed southeast where the roads gradually steepened, and our car wove its way over the hills and out away from any form of civilization.

  • Trump visits Iowa to celebrate empty E15 rule

    “They stabbed us in the back,” said a board member of a local ethanol plant when telling me what President Trump and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) were doing to Iowa biofuels.

  • The secret of the hunt

    It was a gray and windy morning as I donned my yellow raincoat and cap.

  • They is us — and Iowa needs more of us, ISU president says

    In the war over pronouns, people who identify as neither fully male nor female on the sexual spectrum are increasingly demanding respect, and Iowa State University’s president unequivocally backs a position of inclusivity.

  • Letter to the Editor from Rhonda Mart

    This is National Volunteer Week, and I personally want to say thank you to the more than 200 volunteers who give so generously of their time, energy and talents to New Hope Village.

  • Our country’s future runs through rural America

    Our country’s future depends upon the success of rural America.

  • When working hard doesn’t cut it

    For some Americans, their thoughts when waking up in the morning are not as simple as: What am I going to have for breakfast? Or, Did I remember to buy coffee at the store yesterday? The thoughts that race through many minds are: Do I have any money to buy food today? Or, Can I make it to school with the remaining gas in my car until I am paid next?

  • People who know Steve King see him differently

    I am a friend and fan of Steve King. I freely and publicly admit it.

  • Why Steve King should stay in Congress

    The Steve King representing Iowa today is the same man voters from our readership supported overwhelmingly in nine general elections. His body ages, but his ideas don’t.

  • Ro Khanna: Greene County’s real congressman

    It’s possible Ro Khanna did more for Greene County, Iowa, in 16 hours this past weekend than Steve King has in 16 years.

  • Governor Reynolds’ campaign promises must not be forgotten

    Gov. Kim Reynolds has been elected in her own right, and myself and more than 3 million Iowans are relying on her leadership to deliver on the important priorities and initiatives she promoted throughout her campaign.


    Inside cellblock 17, dim lights guide the way to cells that now sit dark and abandoned.

  • As your ‘conservative’ columnist, let me report the death threats

    Back in 2002, Doug Gross smiled widely as he fielded the question. “Your reputation precedes you,” the Republican candidate for governor said in my office.

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