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Did you get a tape-recorded message on the phone from Rep. Steve King last week?
  • The Dreams Made True pageant has won me over
    I’ll admit that when I first heard about a pageant in Carroll held specifically for girls and women with disabilities, I was skeptical.
  • King could use N-word daily, still get re-elected here
    Ladbrokes, a Goliath bookmaker in the United Kingdom, and organizations like it, lay odds on almost anything. If visiting London, you can bet on the U.S. presidential election, who will win, what party will prevail (the gaming ratios range, but Hillary Clinton is favored).
  • Peace be with you — and with the people of Bosnia
    “Peace Be With You, and With You.” With those words I recently exchanged greetings and the hope for peace with a number of Bosnians during Mass at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Sarajevo in Bosnia. It was a special “Pope’s Mass” celebrated by the Apostolic Nuncio (the Vatican ambassador to Bosnia) and con-celebrated by all six Catholic bishops from Bosnia.
  • Between thunderclaps, buffalo crossings and heartache, team of runners inspires

    They spend hours each day in sweaty, cramped vans with broken AC — when they’re not running in pairs along the side of the road.

  • The towering competence of Tom Vilsack
    Tom Vilsack is a George C. Marshall for our time.
  • The Butz of Trump’s commentary
    What’s the difference between Donald Trump and Earl Butz?
  • Lessons from Mick Jagger, and some officers in a scissor lift
    You can’t always get what you want…
  • 100 garage sales? Challenge accepted
    One thing I’ve found about working at Carroll’s newspaper is that at times I’m going to get involved in the stories I’m writing. Last week, that meant trying “yoga in the park” — which I found I loved.

  • Should veterans want Donald Trump as commander in chief?
    Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee for president, the veterans of our country should think about whether they really want Donald Trump as the next commander in chief.
  • ‘Yoga in the park’ a pleasant surprise
    Tree. Eagle. Triangle. Table. Chair.
  • A tatted-up guy, a one-legged guy and a black guy walk into a bar.
  • In round after round Bertrand pounds King back on heels
    Rick Bertrand, in a furious challenge to incumbency’s isolating and ego-inflating effects, landed bruising rhetorical punches on veteran U.S. Rep. Steve King during a GOP congressional primary debate in Sioux City Friday.
  • The Orphan Train stops in Carroll
    Christina Baker Kline wrote a novel titled “The Orphan Train” that is getting a lot of attention across the country, and it should.

    Although fiction, the storyline is based upon a part of our history that now seems eerie and perhaps even repugnant.  For about 75 years (1854-1929) several misguided charitable institutions in New York City thought that they could best help a large number of downtrodden children — orphans and victims of abject poverty and domestic abuse — by shipping them by train to the Midwest and hoping that they would be adopted by families on the farms and prairies of our country. 
  • Burns: Never a better time to be a DMACC graduate
    Congratulations, Des Moines Area Community College Class of 2016.
  • 10 reasons Trump should select Joni Ernst as running mate
    Donald Trump, the bombastic billionaire who has had defied convention, confounded expert prediction, punctured the business of punditry to obsolescence, now has his self-described large hands gripping the Republican presidential nomination.

    His speech Tuesday from Trump Tower in New York City amounted to a rhetorical basketball net-cutting for this bracket-busting political run for the ages. All Trump needed was Bobby Knight (whom he had as a celebrity endorser), scissors and the “Hoosiers” soundtrack.
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