(Editor’s Note: One of the more popular Carroll-related groups on Facebook is “If you grew up in Carroll you remember …” There are nearly 1,500 members of the group and about 2,600 posts. This column will periodically print a sampling of the posts.)

“Walking through the old Carrollton cemetery at night.”

“If you stayed in the house all day, it’s probable because you were grounded. These days, kids stay in the house all day and play on computer/video games.”

“Gravel roads, nowhere to go, designated driver, cheap liquor, pack of vending machine cigs, and ’80s music.”

“Fairview Elementary, the cook that made the best homemade cinnamon rolls!”

“Crashing Wedding receptions at the Arcadia Legion Hall.”

“Walking EVERYWHERE in Carroll and if it was cold or raining catching a ride with who ever stopped ... not being afraid of friendly people.”

“Carroll High School celebrities: Mr. Knott, Mr. Albertson, Trudy Richardson, Paul Bruns, Gib Johnson, Dave Nieland, Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Roger Hansen, Phyllis Young …”

“I remember riding my bike to Sernett’s to buy Marathon candy bars. Wish those candy bars were still around.”

“Remember Don’s Bakery? Carroll had 2 bakeries at one time. That, and Jung’s.”

“Mr. Kitch’s compatibility reports.”

“Working at the old Hy-Vee, unloading trucks at 5:30 a.m., drinking Jolt to stay awake, eating breakfast in the deli if we unloaded the truck in time, and occasionally showing up for school late.”

“When I was 12 years old, and all the bars would let us hang out inside to play video games.”

Reading “The Outsiders” in 6th grade & then getting to watch the movie.”

“Ice cream at the Dairy Stripe on Hwy 71.”

“All you Rolling Hills kids . .. the little red bridge!”

“Remember Kisgen’s Pool Hall & Cigar Store. They had the best hot dogs in the world. two dogs and a Pepsi made a great school lunch.”

“Stompin’ rats at the dump ...”

“Spending hours at the library reading Sweet Valley High books.”

“I’ll go way back in time: Who remembers Pauline’s Cafe? It was in the building that the Food Pantry is in now.”

“I know this is out in the country a bit, but does anyone remember the (oil) drilling rig out in the field between Carroll and Halbur in the 1980s?”

“Getting Long Johns and Bear Claws at Jung’s.”

Remember when kids had to go out and collect for the newspapers ... people would not answer the door and my brothers had to go out until they could get their money!”

“Has anyone mentioned George’s Pizza yet? That was a great place to eat!”

“Remember when you could swim at Swan Lake.”

“There used to be a Montgomery Ward store on the corner of Highway 30 and Grant Road. The Farner & Bocken Co. was next door, to the east. To the north was a small shop where this guy sold used 45 rpm records from juke boxes and worked on vending machines and stuff. After Montgomery Ward left their building, there was somebody using the building and had hot rods inside.”

“When Kmart actually had ‘surprise’ blue light specials with a real flashing blue light.”

“I remember once or twice a year the city would let a few people shoot pigeons off the old court house and old St Joe’s Church!”

“Going to the drive-in theater in our pajamas with my parents to watch movies.”