April 13, 2018

Coach John Wooden’s recipe for lasting legacy: “A perfect day is doing something for someone that will never be able to repay you.”

Carroll exemplifies coach Wooden’s lifelong quest.

As a servant leader in the superintendent of schools position, it should follow that coach Wooden’s message must resonate. Even more so in the Carroll community, a model of volunteerism and duty to others. My pledge is to try to live up to Carroll’s highly altruistic expectations.

Mr. (Rob) Cordes, exemplified the above. His leadership, vision and genuine care of kids has served this district perfectly and with so much quiet success. He cannot be replaced. I will simply try to build on the foundation and momentum Mr. Cordes has created.

My gratitude to Mr. Cordes and my best efforts to try to continue his great work. He deserves the lasting thanks of the Carroll community.

The superintendent position has many expectations — all distilled into two. Idealistically, students must be challenged every moment to reach full potential. Realistically, the diploma must mean we did everything we could to prepare them for what is next.

To reach those goals, here is my commitment to you:

The Carroll learners are at the center of every decision.

The superintendent is a servant leader of the school board, the staff, the students and all stakeholders of the Carroll community.

Trust will be built with equity, integrity, impartiality, honesty and ethic.

Over-communication will be paramount.

The superintendent will assure the school board and Carroll community: safety of staff and students, fiduciary responsibility to the community, enforcement of the school board and State of Iowa policy, expectations of all personnel are reviewed and met, vision and goals are set and achieved

The superintendent will be committed completely to the Carroll community and extremely visible to all.

The superintendent will welcome critique, evaluation and suggestion at all times and see each conversation as an opportunity for growth.

Decision-making must be a collaborative process.

We will celebrate the accomplishments of the Carroll community always.

Relationships are the most important factor in every successful endeavor.

Every decision will begin and end with the Carroll learner at the center.

This initial message to the Carroll community would not be complete without an acknowledgement and appreciation for the already warm reception of so many. My children, Karter and Kennedy, and my wife, Amy, are already overwhelmed with the contact and kindness of so many.

Thank you seems like a weak response for your generosity. The debt owed will be repaid with doing my very best each day.

So, know that the future is focused on finding ways to create coach Wooden’s perfect days. Seeking perfection is hopeful and optimistic. Hope and optimism will define and guide the work to make CCSD the very best it can become. I am truly humbled by this opportunity and awed by the possibilities.

Kevin Lein is the incoming superintendent of Carroll Community School District.