Kevin Lein
Kevin Lein

February 11, 2019

The Carroll School Board voted 5-0 Friday afternoon to accept the resignation of Kevin Lein, who has served as Carroll Community School District superintendent since just July 1.

Lein’s resignation will be effective June 30. However, he’s immediately on leave of absence until that time. No reason for the resignation has been provided.

Lein’s letter of resignation to the school board said, “As per email from school counsel of February 7, 2019, my contract will be honored with all salary, benefit and some minor additional reimbursements as agreed upon through June 30, 2019.

“Thanks to the entire community for this brief opportunity for my family.”

Following the vote, the board invited public comment. However, Board President Jen Munson said, “We’re not going to answer any questions. We have a statement we’ll be glad to provide to you, but the board is not going to say anything more.”

The full statement reads:

“Dr. Lein submitted a resignation to the Board effective June 30, 2019 and the Board has accepted his resignation. Dr. Lein’s resignation was not in lieu of termination. Dr. Lein will be on a leave of absence until June 30, 2019.”

Several community members attended the meeting, but no one spoke in the public forum.

Lein’s resignation followed three closed meetings the board has held since Jan. 3 to discuss his competency, totaling almost 10 hours.

Lein did not attend Friday’s meeting, and the Daily Times Herald’s attempts to contact him for comment since the meeting have been unsuccessful.

However, in a an email to CCSD parents and teachers, Lein wrote, “Life is full and atypical when your expectations have altitude. Born American means there are miracles of medicine, communication, transportation, engineering, environment all around. Luxuriously, we spend time pursuing dreams never dreamed of just a couple of generations ago. We have hope always. We can believe in the better angels of all, as most have that hope, too. Hope is the best thing ever. Hope is realized when leaving contentment and passivity behind. Potential is realized when hope matches place. Every wish lies at that elevation.

“Thank you for the opportunity to be a part briefly. Despite my acknowledgement of the above, one of my several human frailties is to take all for granted. Carroll has been instructional in that regard, and I won’t forget.”

School-board members said after the meeting that they will look into bringing in an interim superintendent, contacting Heartland Area Education Agency.

Carroll Community School District hired Lein last spring on a three-year contract, with the first year probationary. His salary is $155,000 the first year.

Lein, 60, came to Carroll after serving a year as director of Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency, which is based in Pocahontas and provides education services to school districts in north-central Iowa, with its territory extending into Sac, Calhoun and parts of Carroll and Greene counties. Before taking the Prairie Lakes position, Lein served seven years as principal at Harrisburg, South Dakota, located in the southeast corner of the state near Sioux Falls. Lein succeeded Rob Cordes, who was the Carroll superintendent for 14 years