Major Iowa Land Auction Selling Absolute! The partnership of Peoples Company and the Community Insurance Agency are honored to represent the Garst Family in the sale of 1,998.04 total acres m/l located in Coon Rapids, Iowa and in the West Central Iowa counties of Carroll, Greene, Audubon, and Guthrie. The Garst Family name resonates throughout the agricultural community for their involvement in some of history’s more notable advancements to agriculture. The Garst Family also takes pride in the pioneering of several conservation efforts implemented on their farmland including early adoption of no-till farming practices in the 1980’s, cover crops, terraces and erosion control through maintained waterways. Years of consistent application of these practices have improved the soil in terms of better yield productivity, limited erosion, and elevated organic matter allowing crops to thrive and have hardened the landscape for potential erratic weather and climate adjustments. Located just outside of the strong farming community of Coon Rapids, Iowa, these farms would be a great addition to any farm operation or an investment grade purchase for a land investor.

Of the 1,998.04 total acres m/l, there are 1,910.27 FSA Cropland Acres with outstanding average CSR2 values between 88.6 and 70. The primary soil types on these tracts include top producing Clarion loam, Nicollet loam, Webster clay loam, Marshall clay loam and Judson clay loam. The farm leases will be terminated and farming rights for 2022 will be made available to each Buyer. This highly tillable portfolio of farmland offers opportunities for a variety of land buyers with tracts sizes ranging from 51 acres to over 494 acres. These farms have benefitted from years of diligent farm management and record keeping complete with regular soil testing, 20 years of crop yield history, and complete drainage tile maps; allowing a Buyer to be well-informed in the purchase of these farms. Copies of Yield or Fertility Information are available to interested parties. Please contact agent or visit the “Data Room” at the auction website for additional information.

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