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10 CHS groups earn top ratings at State

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Carroll High School took 12 entries to the Iowa High School Speech Association Large Group State Contest on Saturday in Fort Dodge, and 10 received I (excellent) ratings.

The following groups earned I ratings:

Varsity Readers Theatre — Shay Sinnard, Shayne Aschinger, Madison Tunning, Macy Tunning, Hailey Bush, Hannah Bush, Camryn Schable, Mitchell Owen, Gracie Brincks, Payton Cote, Aubrie Snyder and Madeline Parrott.

9th Readers Theatre — Jack Friel, Adrienne Wiley, Elizabeth Chase, Emma Hoffman, Chase Madden, Karsen Schoenfeld, Parker Adams, Chloe Reiling, Titus Casebeer, Marissa Owen and Molly Freese.

Short Film — Alexandria Klein, Samantha Tidgren, Alyssa Brant and Hannah Bush.

Varsity Ensemble Acting — Sophia Polking, Ashley Brincks, Valerie Ramos, Bridget Cameron and Maris Cameron.

Varsity Ensemble Acting — Elsie Dirkx and Emma Nelson.

Varsity Ensemble Acting — Mishy King, Joewie Heithoff and Will Teggatz.

9th Ensemble Acting — Caeden Canuso and Katelyn McFarland.

9th Improvisation — Caeden Canuso, Titus Casebeer, Keagan Case and Lincoln Neu.

Varsity Improvisation — Emma Nelson, Collin Schultes, Sophia Polking and Will Teggatz.

Varsity Improvisation — Joewie Heithoff, Lydia Meiners, Brooke Reiling and Wyatt Ladwig.

The following groups earned II (good) ratings:

Musical Theatre — Lydia Meiners, Joe Kimball, Kiley Riesberg and Brooke Reiling.

One-Act Play — Gracie Brincks, Halley Butler, Elsie Dirkx, Hayli Van De Walker, Samantha Tidgren, Alexandria Klein, Maia Boell, Kiley Riesberg, Emersyn Walsh and McKenna Vincent.

Groups that received a I rating at State plus nominations from at least two of the three judges in their categories will be named all-state. This year there will be no All-State Festival, which traditionally has showcased performers and presented a Critics’ Choice award in each category. Because of the 10-day window for state contests (in-person and virtual), all-state nominations will not be announced until Feb. 17.

Carroll Speech Coach Bill Polking said, “Thanks to all our speech participants for their hard work and willingness to accept changes, limitations, and interruptions.

“Thanks to all the following — and doubtless others I have missed — for their help in making this season possible: assistant coach Sonia Walsh for her time and expertise; volunteer coach Sean Canuso for his help with the one-act play and for driving the prop van; volunteer coach Becky Boes for her work with 9th Readers Theatre; Tami Meiners for her help with musical theatre; Doug Leiting, Mark Skillen, Jammy Thornock and Sonia Walsh for their help with props; Randy Bissen and Joyce Bierl for their help from the activities director office; Larry Lesle and Tammie McKenzie for their help at the administrative level; LeAnn Kock in the business office for expediting purchase orders; Jeff Cullen from the transportation department and our bus drivers for getting us to contest and back safely; the area speech coaches that formed our ‘pod’ in order to have smaller and safer contests; Kim Keller for scheduling those contests; and finally Craig Ihnen and the Iowa High School Speech Association for finding flexible and creative ways for our students to participate in large group speech in this strangest of seasons.”

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