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App glitch delays caucus results

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caucus lidderdale danzer 20-02-03

Marty Danzer, a former Carroll County supervisor, led the Lidderdale caucus proceedings and caucused for U.S. Sen. Joe Biden.

A coding error in a new cellphone app the Iowa Democratic Party deployed this year to report caucus results has caused a significant delay in the tallying of those results.

Democrats took part in the Iowa Caucuses on Monday starting at 7 p.m. at about 1,680 sites across the state.

Many of those sites used the app — which was commissioned by the state party specifically for the caucuses — to report their results.

“As precinct caucus results started coming in, the (Iowa Democratic Party) ran them through an accuracy and quality check,” Troy Price, the Iowa Democratic Party chairman, said in a prepared statement this morning. “It became clear that there were inconsistencies with the reports. The underlying cause of these inconsistencies was not immediately clear, and required investigation, which took time.”

Price said an error with the app caused it to report incorrect results, but that it had correctly recorded the information from the caucus sites.

While party officials investigated the issue, party workers began to enter the data manually, which “took longer than expected,” Price said.

At least two caucus precincts in Carroll County did not use the app to report results.

In Lidderdale, where cellphone reception was a bit too spotty to transmit the data, precinct Chairman Marty Danzer said they reported the results by calling party headquarters.

“It took about a half hour,” Danzer said.

C.J. Niles, who led a precinct that met at Carroll High School, said it took about an hour to call in the site’s results, whereas in previous years it took about 15 minutes to report the information by phone.

Danzer said he expected the county’s results to be compiled by mid-morning today.

— Executive Editor Larry Devine contributed to this article.

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