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Carroll business takes advantage of Retail Coach data

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Drees Co., a family-owned company in Carroll since 1933, has utilized data for inventory expansion that was provided by the Carroll Area Development Corporation through its partnership with The Retail Coach.

The Retail Coach is a national retail consulting, market research and development firm based out of Texas. The firm is contracted to work with CADC for the next three years to help existing businesses and business recruitment in the Carroll area.

Currently, The Retail Coach is collecting customer data for 32 different businesses in Carroll, one of which is Drees Co. Using that, coupled with demographic profile data of Carroll, its Primary Retail Trade Area and a demand outlook — which forecasts market demand over the next five years — Drees Co. has been able to utilize this data to provide a new product line for its customers.

“As a local business owner, The Retail Coach data has given us the opportunity to sell GE Café appliances,” said Howie Drees, owner of Drees Co. “GE Café appliances are a higher-end appliance that we have been trying for months to persuade our supplier to allow us to sell. It wasn’t until I sent them the data that showed our 30,000-plus-(population) market area and the estimated 2% growth in appliance sales that they immediately approved us.”

With new inventory, Drees Co. has an opportunity to grow its business in downtown Carroll.

“Drees. Co has made the decision to expand our retail space into the Drees rental on the corner of Highway 30 and Carroll Street,” Drees said. “The data we were given from the Retail Coach study reaffirms the potential of future appliance sales.”

Shannon Landauer, executive director of CADC, said, “These are the types of wins we are looking for with the Retail Coach commitment. There is a lot of opportunity within the Carroll market, and this data is helping to strengthen the case for business growth in the area.”

The data provided by The Retail Coach is valuable for any business in Carroll.

“The information in the Retail Coach study is valuable to existing businesses, if they choose to use it,” Drees said.

Helping existing businesses in Carroll is a main component to this project.

“There are two pieces of this initiative that are both a part of growing our community — attracting new business, but more importantly, growing our existing business community,” Landauer said.

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