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Carroll planning big wastewater rate hike on two industrial users

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Carroll City Council members are on their way to increasing monthly sanitary sewer rates by 25.5 percent for Smithfield and 12.2 percent for Carroll County Solid Waste.

The increase is designed to bring more equity with residential and other users, City Manager Mike Pogge-Weaver said.

The City Council has approved the first of three necessary readings on a 6-0 vote for an ordinance that would start the new rates Aug. 1.

The plan also includes a rate increase of 1.4 percent for average residential users, meaning the monthly wastewater portion of a consolidated utility bill (with water, wastewater and garbage collection) will increase from $39.32 to $39.86 Aug. 1. That’s based on 700 cubic feet of use in a month.

The residential rates are scheduled to increase another 1.4 percent in 2022 and 1.3 percent in 2023, at which point the average homeowner will pay $40.94 a month for sanitary sewer services.

Smithfield’s rates are set to increase another 9.2 percent in 2022 and 11 percent in 2023, at which point its average monthly charge, based on current usage, will be $6,235.

Carroll County Solid Waste’s rates are slated to increase another 20.2 percent in 2022 and 15.5 percent in 2023, at which point its average monthly charge, again based on current use, will be $1,082.

Those charges will reflect the treatment process and costs to the city, Pogge-Weaver said.

Smithfield and Carroll County Solid Waste account for 8 percent of the city’s sanitary sewer flow.

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