Concerts teach ‘music with meaning’

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The C-3 organization (Christ + Community + Celebration) has strived to make a positive impact on the children and youth of the communities in the IKM-Manning School district since its beginning in 2012.

That was the goal on Oct. 23, when the organization sponsored Sheltered Reality, an organization that uses music and education for outreach, for students and families of the communities of the IKM-Manning School District, an event that offered “music with meaning.”

Sheltered Reality uses the universal language of music in addition to personal stories to inspire. Sheltered Reality addressed a morning high school and afternoon middle school assembly with the theme “Pushing back the Negatives.”

Communities and churches were invited to the family-friendly presentation that evening. Prior to the evening event, C-3 hosted a meal in the Manning building school cafeteria. Free-will donations were donated to the Wolf Pack for Hunger food-packaging event.

Sheltered Reality used the power of high-energy, choreographed drum routines and music to share messages of empowerment with the audiences. The organization is in its 23rd year emphasizing and encouraging people to actively do good and be good. The group focuses on hard work, helping others, caring, compassion and respect as desired attributes, anti-bullying acceptance of other’s differences to push back negativity, especially on social media, according to its website.

“We were excited to bring our show to students of all ages at IKM-Manning School and communities,” said Steve Schlosser, founder and director of Sheltered Reality said. “And adults and staff will have just as much fun.”

Students were invited to join the Sheltered Reality team onstage. A total of 18 students came back after school for drum lessons and were part of the show for the community performance.

In addition to community events and programs, C-3 continues to support children, youth, and families of the IKM-Manning community through the local food pantry and the bi-annual Wolf Pack for Hunger.

Since opening in 2015, the food pantry has served more than 984 households and more than 2,009 individuals. The generous support of school children, churches, businesses and individuals has made this community impact possible. The food pantry is open from 8 to 10 a.m. each Saturday and is administered in partnership with New Opportunities of Carroll (712-792-9266).

C-3 thanks each and every partner from the school, churches and communities for supporting events, celebrations and opportunities to serve.

Monetary donations toward C-3 initiatives, the food pantry, or Wolf Pack for Hunger can be sent to C-3, P.O. Box 251, Manning, IA 51455.

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