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A woman in a small Carroll County town who had been off work due to injury was able to save possession of her home, staving off a tax sale.

A car repair for a man with two young children enabled him to keep his job and thus continue supporting his family.

Those are just a couple of cases showing how the Carroll Times Herald’s Extra Effort Fund has impacted local residents’ lives over the last year. Extra Effort dispersed more than $7,700 over the last year through the following: Community of Concern, New Hope, Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), Fairview Elementary School (reading program), Carroll Area Child Care Center, New Opportunities and Carroll Summer Fun Camp for children with autism diagnoses.

Community of Concern over the last year spent $5,789 assisting 38 families, totaling 72 people.

Community of Concern Director Roxie Reinart noted, “We have paid for utilities, rent, a U-Haul rental, property taxes, medication, hotel stays. We have gotten mattresses for children, car repair and bought household items in emergency situations.”

In one case Reinart recounted, a woman who was off work due to an injury — verified by a doctor — faced tax payment on her home in a small Carroll County town. The woman is single with no one else to assist her.

“No other program would have helped her, as there is no other program that does that,” Reinart said. “She is now working again. She was very grateful. We also provided her groceries while she was off. She stopped in to thank us and said she did not know what she would have done without this program.”

For the man who needed the car repair in order to get to his job, Reinart said, “The income they were making was enough to support the family, but the car repair would have put them behind on other things. We were able to get the car running, and he was able to keep his job and support his family. They were very grateful. Again, there is no other program that pays for car repair.”

Reinart points out that Extra Effort was started 31 years ago in order to help in emergency situations not covered by any government programs.

“We refer people to other government agencies first and figure out other ways to solve what they are requesting before using donated dollars,” Reinart said. “We serve Carroll County residents with these funds. We work with people on budgeting so they do not find themselves in the same situation again, as this is not an ongoing program.”

Applicants for Extra Effort help must visit the Community of Concern office, 322 W. Third St., for an interview. Applicants must have proof of residency, photo ID, and verifiable cost estimate for the assistance requested.

Readers’ contributions enable Extra Effort to help with an array of needs throughout the year (see associated coupon details about how to donate).

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