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Coon Rapids’ Pomeroy closes out 40-year pharmacy career

Medicap Pharmacy in Jefferson taking over Coon Rapids Pharmacy

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Dan Pomeroy of Coon Rapids Pharmacy is retiring after a 40-year career in pharmacy.

COON RAPIDS: Longtime pharmacist Dan Pomeroy, R.Ph., of Coon Rapids recently announced his retirement, effective May 1, at which time ownership of Coon Rapids Pharmacy will transfer to the Medicap Pharmacy in Jefferson.

In a letter recently sent to patients, Pomeroy announced he is ending a 40-year career in pharmacy, almost all of it based out of the Coon Rapids Pharmacy. In the letter, Pomeroy said he is very pleased that Coon Rapids Pharmacy will remain open under new ownership.

“After 40 years of six days a week and most Sundays, I have been thinking about and planning to retire for several years. My main concern that kept me working was I did not want to see Coon Rapids without a pharmacy,” he said. “It is vital to our nursing home, physician clinic, elderly and to keep shopping traffic in town.”

Beginning May 1, Taylor Anglemyer, Pharm. D., owner of the Jefferson-based Medicap Pharmacy, will operate and staff Coon Rapids Pharmacy.

Pomeroy said he’s very pleased and excited with the development and added that nothing will change in regard to prescriptions and medications dispensed at the Coon Rapids Pharmacy.

“The Jefferson Medicap is one of the most-modern, well-equipped and -stocked pharmacies in Iowa,” he said. “In fact, with Taylor and his staff of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians occupying and running the Coon Rapids Pharmacy in the same building it’s always been in, you’ll find they’ll be able to provide many more pharmacy services and expertise than I ever did.”

In December 1981, the pharmacy partnership of Jim Vandevanter, R.Ph., of Guthrie Center and Denny Jorgensen, R.Ph. of Panora announced they had purchased Davis Store in Coon Rapids and were planning to open a new pharmacy under the guidance of Pomeroy, a Dedham native and Carroll High School alum who was a 1981 graduate from the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy.

Pomeroy said he is very appreciative of the support shown him by his faithful customers over the past four decades. He hopes the community will extend that same manner of support to the new owner.

“I’m not going anywhere,” he said. “I plan to retire right here and support the community in any way I can.”

Regarding his plans for retirement, he added, “I’m sure I’ll do some pharmacist substitute work. I’m going to have friends like Eric Hart teach me golf and Dick Tigges learn me how to play cribbage. Probably going to have to come up with some other hobbies though, as it shouldn’t take long to beat those two at their games.”

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