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County Treasurer Jean Seidl resigns

Supervisor Dean Schettler urges community to support area day care center, which is paying off debt

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seidl jean 14-02-27

Carroll County Treasurer Jean Seidl

After 20 years of working for Carroll County, Jean Seidl resigned this week from her position as the Carroll County treasurer.

Seidl, 63, stepped down from her seat during the Carroll County Supervisors meeting Monday morning after spending the past six years serving as the Carroll County treasurer.

During the meeting, Seidl said her resignation is not related to health problems affecting her or her family but due to personal matters that keep her out of the office for extended periods of time.

“When I ran and was elected, I wanted to serve my second term,” she said. “I had every intention of completing this term and retiring at age 65, but because I didn’t know what the future would hold, I am going to be forced out of the office quite frequently over a period of time, so it’s in the best interest of my staff, my office and the county that I tender my resignation today.”

Seidl recommended Lisa Wagner, an administrative assistant in the Carroll County Treasurer’s Office, be appointed to replace her.

“Lisa has been a Carroll County Treasurer’s Office employee for over 27 years and has served as my tax and financial deputy for the last five years,” Seidl said in her resignation letter. “Lisa is very adept and is knowledgeable in all aspects of the office — financial, tax, motor vehicle and drivers license and played a key part in the success of the financial software conversion in 2014.”

Supervisors accepted Seidl’s resignation and have until June 30 to appoint someone else to the position or hold a special election. Seidl will continue in the position until then.

In other news, Nikki Heuton, the executive director of Carroll Area Childcare and Preschool, spoke to county supervisors Monday morning to request $11,000 that the center would use for employee salaries and additional trainings for staff members. The center received the same amount from the county last year.

During the meeting, County Supervisor Dean Schettler said the $11,000 the center requested does not even cover the interest it currently is paying on about $400,000 of debt. He wants to see more support given to the organization, he said.

“It is disheartening that you have that, because the $11,000 you’re asking us for doesn’t even cover the interest,” he said.“These communities like Carroll — we really need this (organization). We don’t need you to struggle.”

Heuton said the long-term debt the center is struggling to pay off is from a recently replaced roof, as well as a parking lot and the building itself.

“This past year, (we) really struggled to employ staff, and we had to make it work,” she said. “We had to close one of our infant classrooms.”

Schettler pressed for community support in addition to the funding the county allocates to the day care center.

“I think the business community needs to address it,” he said. “We have fundraisers for libraries and for whatever to improve the community. This would definitely improve the community.”

Supervisors will review all funding requests made to the county within the next few weeks before making any further decisions, Carroll County Auditor Kourtney Irlbeck said.

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