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Following are results of city and school board elections in Carroll County and surrounding counties. Results are unofficial until they are canvassed by county board of supervisors. Write-in votes in some cities still are being tallied.

Write-in Willey mayoral candidates John Guinan, the current mayor, and Kristen Nehring tied with 17 write-in votes each. The Carroll County supervisors will draw lots to settle the tie at an upcoming meeting. 

Winners of contested races are in bold.




Mayor: John Kevin Liechti 64

Council (three seats): Joe M. Berg 60, Destiny Simons 58, Wes Bierl 53


Mayor: Dan J. Snyder 103

Council (two seats): Kayla Tiefenthaler 74, Justin Agan 71, Michael D. Schwabe 60


Mayor: Eric P. Jensen 1,252

Council, Ward 2: Misty Boes 323

Council, Ward 4: Carolyn M. Siemann 211

Council, at large: LaVern Dirkx 1,144

Coon Rapids

Mayor: Jeffrey Anthofer 208, Roger Doty 93

Council (two seats): Larry Lenz 196, Jon K. Esdohr 179, David Burmeister 156, Jessica Chrystal 50


Mayor: Bob Sporrer 24

Council (two seats): Rod Smith 32, Mike Heinrichs 27


Mayor: Roger R. Hartwigsen 133

Council (three seats): Seth Allen Johnson 149, Pat Fay 100, Gary Schroer 84, Martin Danner 75, Ashley Boggs 73


Mayor: No candidate; write-in: Nicole Martin 20, Bryan Wittrock 7, Randy Theulen 4

Council (three seats): No candidates; write-in Dan Drake 13, Caleb Hopkins 11, Jack Rotert 11, Scott Mikkelsen 8, Kim Riesselman 8


Mayor: Robert Vernon Main 25, Jamie Hanlon 19

Council (two seats): Gordon Toyne 32, Edger E. Hunt 19


Mayor: Max R. Wenck 25

Council (two seats): Melissa Schleisman 32, Mike Skinner 32


Mayor: Joe Maas 125

Council (two seats): Robert Ehlers 114, Elizabeth Leo 96

Council to fill vacancy: Dick Johnson 110


Mayor: Chad Stevens 4

Council (one seat): Heidi Pudenz 3


Mayor: Ken Behrens 27

Council (three seats): Joseph Irlbeck 25, David Ramsey 27, Doyle Engelen 26


Mayor: No candidate; write-ins: John Guinan 17, Kristen Nehring 17 (county supervisors will draw lots to settle the tie)

Council (three seats): No candidates; write-ins: Doug Riesberg 34, Mark Schreck 31, Sue Riesselman 13, Brian Bauer 11, Alan Tigges 6



Mayor: Barbara Jacobsen 171

Council (two seats): Jacob Murray 115, Andrew Grabill 180


Mayor: No candidate; write-ins: Bryan Olson 3, Jared Olson 2, Penny Schmidt 2

Council (three seats): Val Woodrum 8, Samuel Wendl 8, Penny Schmidt 6


Lake City

Mayor: Tyler Holm 242

Council (two seats): Jessica Daniel 225, Gary Bellinghausen 183, Scott Nepple 72

Rockwell City

Council (three seats): Jerry E. Fowler 99, Jonathan R. Wetter 112, Nathan Gentry 111



Mayor: Pamela Soseman 823, Dennis J. Fineran 112, David G. Frazier 103, Pablo Chapa 88

Council, Ward 2 (one seat): John C. Granzen, Sr. 211, Beth Vogt 49

Council, at large: Gregory J. Miller 1,040

Council, at large to fill vacancy: Jessica Garcia 876


Mayor: Patrick Wuestewald 81

Council (three seats): Austin Lansink 67, Pam Sebring 84, Kurt Chapman 84


Mayor: Monte Chrichton 57

Council (two seats): Galen S. Dirks 52, Kurt A. Brungardt 32


Mayor: Michell Simons 33

Council (three seats): Jary Quandt 41, Nicole Kock 39 (write-ins are being tallied)



Mayor: Joleen Killeen 29

Council (three seats): Andrew Hamilton 34, Colton Morlan (write-in) 9, Anthony Minnehan (write-in) 8, Samantha Hamilton (write-in) 6, Paul Fay (write-in) 2, Bill Gebhart (write-in) 2

Grand Junction

Mayor: Pierre J. Kellogg 51

Council (two seats): Brian Mount 101, Chad Wilson 89, Brandon Mount 88


Mayor: Matt Gordon 513, Craig Berry 494

Council (two seats): Dave Sloan 652, Matt Wetrich 613, Sean Sebourn 457


Mayor: Cole Gustoff 69

Council (three seats): Zach Sukovaty 71, Cassidy Wilson 61, Jeramie Phillips 40, Ashley Squibb 34



Mayor: Thomas Wardyn 48, Brandon Patrick 32

Council (two seats): Jack Stone 64, Colin Monahan 53, Arnold Kesselring 28, LeeRoy Wagner 13



Mayor: Richard Heim 44, Sally Ortner-Stoffregen 38

Council (two seats): Robert Theulen 65, Jane Barto 60

Lake View

Mayor: John Westergaard 386, Robert John Summerhays 42

Council (two seats): Ken Steinkamp 313, Tami Moeller 261, Dale Boeckman 217

Sac City

Mayor: Scott Bundt 742

Council (three seats): Teresa Bruening 511, William L. Brenny 445, Kent Pugh 410, Larry Mahler 428, Larry Mohr 425

Wall Lake

Council (three seats): Francis Riedell 239, Brody Steinkamp 204, Jamie Rohlf 184, Ryan Steinkamp 123, Gary A. Faber 106


Ar-We-Va School Board (three seats)

Brad R. Hinners 69, Gregg Oeser 63, Denise Ragaller 64

Audubon School Board (three seats)

Christine Konkler 213, Mark Nissen 225, Joni Madsen 220

Carroll School Board (three seats)

Onica Ulveling 1,498, Karen Friedlein 1,127, Cindy Johnson 1,077, Brad Jorgensen 807, Jon Sampson 748

Coon Rapids-Bayard School Board (four seats)

Kyler South 271, Timothy Owen Lee 261, Jason Rosenbeck 207, Teresa Gelhaus 215, Jeff Andersen 187, Jessica Chrystal 77

Denison School Board (two seats)

Derek Lambert 1,022, Kris Rowedder 888

East Sac School Board (three seats)

Laurie Kluver 1,271, Jackie Mahler 1,227, Mark Jansma 1,159, Darren Clayton 877, Chris Rodman 766, Robert Germann 671

Glidden-Ralston School Board

(Two seats): Mike Schulze 193, Todd Koehler 166

To fill vacancy: Christopher J. Soyer 218

Greene County School Board (two seats)

Steve Fisher 974, John McConnell 810, Randy Lebeck 424

IKM-Manning School Board

District 1A, Beth C. Williams 128

District 2A, David Heller 113

District 2B, Roger E. Rassmussen 116

At large, Zachary J. Meiners 120

South Central Calhoun School Board

District 1 (two seats): Roger McKinney 31, Jason Hawkins 22

District 2 (two seats): Chris Green 17, Judy Hungate 32

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