Highway 30 pedestrian crossing installed

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Major pieces in Glidden’s sidewalks, trail and parking lot construction project recently were completed.

Crossing lights at Highway 30 connecting the Aquatic Center and Northland Park areas have been installed. Pedestrians and bicyclists can push a button to activate the flashing caution lights. In addition to the flashing lights, a crosswalk was painted on Highway 30. Speed limit in that area on the west side of Glidden is 45 mph.

“The intention is to provide a safe crossing to and from Northland Park,” Glidden City Clerk and Administrator Brooke Peterson said.

She emphasized, however, that those crossing the highway must be extremely cautious.

“Just because the lights are flashing doesn’t mean traffic will indeed stop,” she noted. “It’s meant to alert drivers to slow down, give extra time, there are going to be pedestrians crossing Highway 30. It’s more an alert thing. We can’t guarantee traffic is going to stop.”

The crosswalk is part of a community visioning plan that also included the following:

— Approximately 600 feet of 8-foot concrete trail north of Highway 30 from the Aquatic Center into Northland Park, connecting with the 1.2-mile existing trail. The park features an arboretum, butterfly garden and shelterhouse.

— Approximately 75 feet of 5-foot sidewalk along the Aquatic Center on Arizona Street, south of Highway 30.

— Approximately 140 feet of 4-foot sidewalk along two residences south of the Aquatic Center.

— Approximately 400 feet of 5-foot sidewalk on the west side of City Park along Colorado Street. This completes sidewalk bordering of the park.

— Construction of a 163-by-101-foot parking lot at the Aquatic Center, providing 39 parking stalls.

— Sidewalk connecting the Kruger Shelterhouse, south of the Aquatic Center, and the Aquatic Center entrance.

United Construction Services of Atlantic last year received the contract for the sidewalk, pedestrian crossing and parking lot with its bid of $336,296.50.

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