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Judge declines to release gun-wielding Fairview tenant from jail

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The 30-year-old woman who was arrested twice in two weeks in October for having drugs and guns at Fairview Village Apartments will remain in jail unless she can post $10,000 bond, a judge decided Monday.

Kamille Elise Garnett had requested to be released from jail on her promise to appear in court when required but was denied.

Garnett has been jailed since Oct. 14, when she was arrested after a shooting at the apartment complex for making threatening gestures toward another woman.

A search of her apartment found a loaded handgun on a couch and illicit drugs in the kitchen and bedroom. Garnett also was charged with child endangerment.

She had been arrested the week before for an argument with another woman in which both brandished handguns, which caused nearby Fairview Elementary School to lock all of its students in classrooms for a short period of time.

All told, Garnett allegedly possessed about 100 grams of marijuana, nearly 500 pills of an anti-anxiety drug and three firearms, including a short-barreled, semiautomatic rifle variant with a large ammunition capacity, according to court records.

She faces felonies for intimidation with a dangerous weapon, going armed with intent and a drug violation, and misdemeanor charges for assault, child endangerment, disorderly conduct and another drug violation.

The felony charges each are punishable by up to five years in prison if she is convicted.

Garnett was arrested for felony drug charges in a Chicago suburb in 2012, according to a federal background check, but she avoided a felony conviction through a second-chance diversion program.

In a bond review hearing on Monday that was held in an online video conference, Garnett’s court-appointed attorney, Mark Rasmussen, said Garnett should be released from jail because her mother is a police officer in the Chicago area and Garnett might go live with her.

County Attorney John Werden, who is prosecuting Garnett, said the bail amount of $10,000 should be increased because Garnett has limited ties to the community and might flee.

District Judge Adria Kester decided the terms of release would remain as is, court records show.

The man who allegedly was responsible for the shooting, Cliff Derek Urban, 31, of Hammond, Indiana, was arrested for a federal criminal charge of making a false statement to acquire a firearm and was extradited to that state.

The weapons incidents caused widespread community outcry about the apartment complex, which long has been a significant source of crime in town.

A police officer has been posted at the complex nearly 24 hours a day since the incidents, and that presence is expected to continue until the owner of the complex, Carlson Properties, finishes installing a video surveillance system that the police department can monitor in real time.

“Overall, calls have declined, and a continued police presence has decreased any major issues on the property,” Police Chief Brad Burke said in a weekly report. “There have been no reports of violent crime.”

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