King says internal poll shows him at 59% in primary

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king steve 15-06-30

U.S. Rep. Steve King


An internal poll released Monday from Congressman Steve King’s campaign shows the Kiron Republican with 59 percent support from Republicans in the sweeping 4th District.

According to a release from his campaign, King has a 44-point lead in the Republican primary race for Iowa’s 4th District.

Fifty-nine percent of likely GOP primary voters support King on the ballot. Challengers Randy Feenstra, a former state senator from Hull; Woodbury County Supervisor Jeremy Taylor of Sioux City; businessman-educator Bret Richards of Irwin; and Arnolds Park businessman Steve Reeder receive a combined 23 percent of the ballot share. Seventeen percent are undecided.

Feenstra was the closest competitor to King at 15 percent, with Taylor at 6 percent and Richards at 2 percent, according to the release on the internal campaign poll conducted for King’s team.

This poll was conducted by G1 Survey Research and asks voters who they support in the 2020 primary. The poll also surveyed voters on their reaction to a high-profile New York Times story on King.

Despite 70 percent of Republican primary voters having heard about King’s controversial comments in the New York Times, voters side with King 74 percent over the media — 15 percent — on this issue, according to the poll.

Congressional Republican leaders stripped King of his committee assignments after a January New York Times story in which King said, “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive? Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization?”

“These poll results mirror what I am seeing on the ground,” King said in the news release. “Republicans in the 4th District are overwhelmingly choosing to stand with me as the only proven and tested conservative in this race. Voters know where I stand, they know I tell them the unflinching truth, and they know my record of effectively advancing our shared Iowa values in Congress. Conservatives understand that President Trump needs consistent allies like me to fight off an illegitimate impeachment effort fueled by Fake News media narratives. These impressive poll results show I am the only candidate they trust to boldly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with President Trump in the face of the constant barrage of attacks from Democrats and their Never Trump, open-borders allies.”

King went on to say, “Iowa voters are clearly wise to the Leftist media’s smear tactics. They know I am a target for supporting President Trump’s ‘America-First’ agenda. They can’t stand the thought of allowing pro-America, pro-borders, pro-Ag, pro-Life, pro-Rule of Law, pro-Western Civilization elected officials to stay in office because they are representing mainstream, common sense, America-loving citizens. The political establishment is in a frenzy to defeat our campaign in the 2020 primary, but this poll overwhelmingly demonstrates our rock-solid support in the district.”

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