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Lake View City Council approves building permits for Jacobsen Hybrid Corn processing plant

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The Lake View City Council Monday approved multiple agenda items to further development on the Jacobsen Hybrid Corn Co. Project.

The project will construct a new seed treatment and handling facility, creating a new addition to Jacobsen’s corporate campus.

The new plant would be constructed west of the currently existing plant and is expected to cost between $3 and $4 million.

The resolution granting zoning variance to the Jacobsen Hybrid Corn passed. The City Council also approved the processing plant’s building permit for 129 Ninth St. The 6,000-square-foot processing facility will allow Jacobsen to receive, process and bag corn for itself and as a vendor for other companies.

Lake View City Administrator Scott Peterson said the operation would bring additional jobs to the community.

“Really what this does is continue a longstanding and stable company in Lake View, and we look forward to that to continue as they make this large investment into their business,” Peterson said.

The next step for the project is creating and implementing a development agreement between the city and Jacobsen. Peterson said now that permits all are in place, the construction process will begin.

Another item on the agenda addressed a property proposal for Outlot 20, commonly known as the old rare and salvage yard. Over the past years, the City of Lake View completed a cleanup of the property and is the owner of the north half of the salvage yard.

The City Council then listened to community recommendations of how the property should be utilized and ultimately decided to place housing on the property.

The City Council accepted a proposal from a company to develop 12 to 16 units of duplexes on the lot to become a new housing development area.

Peterson said members of the community should continue to follow the housing and Jacobsen projects, because more information will be forthcoming.

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