Rotary donates funds for Child Care Center playground

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$ rotary caccc playground 19-09-16

With a $1,000 grant from Rotary International and its own funds, Carroll Rotary Club donated $2,085 to Carroll Area Child Care Center and Preschool for purchasing equipment to use on the facility’s newly renovated playground. Taking part in the presentation are Rotary Board members Adam Schweers and Phil Phillips; Child Care Center Executive Director Nikki Heuton, and Rotary Board members Bob Fasbender (president), Ded Quandt (membership chairwoman), Jim Feauto and Chris Van Dyke (president-elect).

With the help of a $1,000 grant from Rotary International, the Carroll Rotary Club recently donated to $2,085 to Carroll Area Child Care Center to purchase play equipment.

Carroll Area Child Care Center will use much of the new equipment, such as trikes, waterfall walls and balls, at the facility’s renovated playground. That project was completed last October with the installation of synthetic turf, eliminating drainage problems. New concrete sidewalks were built around the turf.

The Child Care Center serves more than 100 families and 200 children ages 2 weeks to 10 years old.

Since the renovation, Carroll Area Child Care Center has been adding new toys and has applied for grants to purchase new large-motor, outdoor-play equipment.

The playground renovation was made possible with fundraisers within the center, a grant from Grow Greene County, family donations, and matching donations from businesses.

This is the second straight year Carroll Rotary Club has received a grant from Rotary International. The local club puts up matching funds.

Carroll Rotary used last year’s grant toward its annual distribution of safety helmets and dictionaries to third-graders in Carroll, Ar-We-Va and Glidden-Ralston schools.

Carroll Rotary previously had applied for grants intermittently from Rotary International but now is making a more concerted effort at receiving funds. Rotary Board member Jim Feauto is spearheading the applications. Grant recipients must have a different use of funds from year to year. Carroll Rotary will explore possible projects or activities to support in its application for a new grant next year.

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