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Stuck SUV destroyed by train, driver had been drinking

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A 62-year-old Grand Junction woman said she drank two whiskey and waters before she became confused and drove her sport-utility vehicle about two blocks on railroad tracks in town, where the vehicle was destroyed by a train after she abandoned it Thursday night, according to court records.

Shari Ann Allen is charged with trespassing and driving with a revoked license — she had been convicted of first-offense operating while intoxicated in February.

Someone reported that Allen’s 1999 Honda CR-V was eastbound on the Union Pacific railway between 16th and 19th streets in Grand Junction about 10:30 p.m.

Allen later told a deputy sheriff that she took a wrong turn onto the tracks and got stuck. She was several blocks from her house.

“Shari saw a train traveling westbound, and she got out of her vehicle,” according to court records.

The train struck the vehicle minutes after the initial report of a vehicle on the railway.

Allen lost her glasses in the process and was disoriented and wandered around until two people saw her and gave her a ride home, she told the deputy.

Allen said she had consumed two servings of Crown Royal and water that night, and a preliminary breath test that was conducted about two hours after she drove on the tracks showed her blood-alcohol concentration was .059 percent, which is less than the legal limit of .08.

Her criminal charge of driving with a revoked license is punishable by up to one year in jail if she is convicted.

Allen was arrested in October for drunk driving after someone reported that a heavily intoxicated person had left the casino in Jefferson. A police officer stopped her and suspected her of being drunk, but she refused a test of her breath to determine her blood-alcohol concentration, court records show.

Allen was later sentenced to two days in jail after she pleaded guilty to operating while intoxicated.

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