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Supervisors might spend $150K to repair bridge near Lidderdale

Courthouse elevator will get new alarm system, phone

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County leaders plan to spend about $150,000 to fix a bridge north of Lidderdale that was damaged this past spring when the North Raccoon River flooded.

Chunks of floating ice in the river are suspected of damaging the foundation of a bridge on 115th Street about five miles north of Lidderdale. The bridge has been closed since.

Dave Paulson, the Carroll County engineer, said the county was hoping to receive funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to fix the bridge, but that appears unlikely due to preexisting damage.

“We applied for FEMA funds, but it appears it might be ineligible for FEMA funding because it’s kind of a junky bridge,“ he said. “I don’t think we were frankly expecting it because the bridge was in poor shape to begin with.”

Paulson said the county is still waiting for an official answer from FEMA but plans to spend about $150,000 to replace the bridge.

“We’ve got a contractor hired to build the bridge, and we’ve got the materials,” he said. “It’s just a simple high-beam bridge.”

Paulson said the bridge may be repaired in the next month depending on the weather.

In other news, county officials approved $13,150 bid from Schumacher Elevator Company of Denver, Iowa, to update the courthouse elevator to meet state requirements.

A door restrictor will be installed in the elevator, which will allow someone to open the elevator from the outside if a person is trapped within. A new alarm will be added along with a telephone for emergency situations.

Kourtney Irlbeck, the Carroll County auditor, said the county plans to have the work done in July when the new fiscal year begins.

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