Times Herald wins ‘Innovation Award’ for work with peers

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The Carroll Times Herald notched 25 awards at the Iowa Newspaper Association’s annual Better Newspaper Contest, and for the first time won an innovation award for its collaboration with three other newspapers to report on the state of childcare in rural Iowa.

The Times Herald — along with the Cedar Rapids Gazette, the Iowa Falls Times-Citizen and the Mount Pleasant News — received the Bill Monroe Innovation Award for its reporting on the struggles to provide quality childcare at affordable prices that highlighted the Carroll Area Child Care and Preschool as a standout facility among those in similarly populous towns.

The collaborative work was featured in the Gazette’s semi-monthly magazine Iowa Ideas and across many pages of the Times Herald in February 2019.

The award is named to honor the former Iowa Newspaper Association director.

Overall the Times Herald placed second in General Excellence for newspapers with circulations smaller than 10,000. In first place was the Iowa City Daily Iowan, the student newspaper of the University of Iowa, which also won Newspaper of the Year.

Here are some highlights of the Times Herald’s awards this year:

— A special section dedicated to Kuemper Catholic alum and Toronto Raptors head coach Nick Nurse won first place for best special section advertising and second place for best editorial special section.

“Full of information and well designed,” one judge wrote.

— The Times Herald’s staff coverage of flooding that hit Carroll County in March won first place for best breaking news.

“Multiple sources and clear, concise prose distinguished this entry,” a judge wrote. “The human element threads its way through the story and gives it strength and credibility. Ten photos enhance the storytelling.”

— Reporter Jared Strong’s photographs of a candlelight vigil for a child who drowned in a public pool won first place for best photo story.

“Great display of multiple elements of the event,” a judge wrote. “The emotion is dripping from the page.”

— Meriah Blakley won second place for best ad designer. It was the first time she was eligible to win the award.

“Simple and clean!” one judge wrote of her work.

Here’s a full list of the Times Herald’s awards:

First place

Best Front Page

Best Headline Writing

Best Breaking News Story — Annie Mehl, Jared Strong and Rebecca McKinsey

Best Photo Story — Jared Strong

Best Ad Featuring Furniture, Furnishings, Appliances or Hardware

Best Ad Featuring Automotive, Boats, Aircraft, Tires, Gasoline, Etc.

Best Special Section Advertising

Second place

General Excellence

Best of Class Advertising

Coverage of Agriculture

Coverage of Court and Crime

Best Special Section — Editorial

Best Newspaper Marketing

Best Idea For a Community Promotion or Event

Best Ad Designer — Meriah Blakley

Third place

Best of Class Advertising

Coverage of Government and Politics

Coverage of Business

Best Use of Graphics

Best Newspaper Marketing

Master Columnist — Douglas Burns

Best Breaking News Photo — Jared Strong

Best Ad Featuring Financial, Insurance or Other Professional Service

Best Ad Featuring Furniture, Furnishings, Appliances or Hardware


Bill Monroe Innovation Award

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