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Vandals strike Carroll High parking lot

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A spate of suspected teenage mischief continued Thursday when someone wrote on the windows of several vehicles in the Carroll High School parking lot.

Someone scrawled the word “slut” on one of the vehicles and marked it with “KHS” in several places, an apparent reference to Kuemper Catholic High School. The vandalism was reported about 10:53 p.m. when volleyball players returned from an away game.

Police officers are reviewing video surveillance recordings of the parking lot to identify potential suspects.

Police Chief Brad Burke said he is unaware of any actual damage to the vehicles.

“We are working with CHS to attempt to identify subjects involved,” he said.

The vandalism came a day after Burke sent a note to officials at both high schools to warn students that the police department is taking a harder line against teenage shenanigans starting this week, which is Kuemper’s Homecoming Week.

There have been numerous reports of yards littered with toilet paper and unspecified property damage.

“The officers have been informed that from this point forward any subject caught TPing residences, running through yards, damaging property of others will be charged/arrested for criminal mischief, trespass, and/or disorderly conduct,” Burke wrote.

Today, Casey Berlau, superintendent of Carroll Community schools, asked parents to discourage their children from committing those crimes. The school district’s Homecoming Week is next week.

“Students are being made aware of this information, and we also want to ask for your help in communicating with your children about this matter and doing what you can to steer your children toward activities other than tee peeing yards, writing on car windows and disturbing yards in the community,” Berlau wrote. “We want Homecoming Week to be a positive week and in order for that to happen, we need students to refrain from tee peeing and other associated activities.”

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