Who’s running in the upcoming election

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No one has filed to run for office in Halbur and Willey, both of which have the mayor and three City Council spots open.

Meanwhile, in Carroll, all incumbents have filed to run again for their open mayoral and City Council seats.

Read more here about who’s running for office in Carroll County’s cities and nearby school districts, and learn about more elections in surrounding counties in an upcoming edition of the Carroll Times Herald.


Council, at large (three seats): Joe M. Berg, Destiny Simons, Wes Bierl

Mayor: John Kevin Liechti


Council, at large (two seats): Michael D. Schwabe, Kayla Tiefenthaler, Justin Agan

Mayor: Dan J. Snyder


Council, Ward 2: Misty Boes

Council, Ward 4: Carolyn M. Siemann

Council, at large: LaVern Dirkx

Mayor: Eric P. Jensen

Coon Rapids

Council, at large (two seats): Jon K. Esdohr, David Burmeister, Larry Lenz, Jessica Chrystal

Mayor: Jeffrey Anthofer, Roger Doty


Council, at large (two seats): Rod Smith, Mike Heinrichs

Mayor: Bob Sporrer


Council, at large (three seats): Gary Schroer, Martin Danner, Pat Fay, Seth Allen Johnson, Ashley Boggs

Mayor: Roger R. Hartwigsen


Mayor: No candidates

Council, at large (three seats): No candidates


Council, at large (two seats): Gordon Toyne, Edger E. Hunt

Mayor: Robert Vernon Main, Jamie Hanlon


Council, at large (two seats): Melissa Schleisman, Mike Sinner

Mayor: Max R. Wenck


Council, at large (two seats): Robert Ehlers, Elizabeth Leo

Council, at large to fill vacancy: Dick Johnson

Mayor: Joe Maas


Mayor: Chad Stevens

Council, at large (one seat): Heidi Pudenz


Mayor: Ken Behrens

Council, at large (three seats): Joseph Irlbeck, David Ramsey, Doyle Engelen


Mayor: No candidates

Council, at large (three seats): No candidates

IKM-Manning School Board

District 1A, Beth C. Williams

District 2A, David Heller

District 2B, Roger E. Rassmussen

At large, Zachary J. Meiners

Ar-We-Va School Board (three seats)

Brad R. Hinners, Gregg Oeser, Denise Ragaller

Carroll Community School Board (three seats)

Jon Sampson, Brad Jorgensen, Karen Friedlein, Onica Ulveling, Cindy Johnson

East Sac School Board (three seats)

Darren Clayton, Robert Germann, Mark Jansma, Laurie Kluver, Jackie Mahler, Chris Rodman

Glidden-Ralston Community School Board (two seats)

Mike Schulze, Todd Koehler

To fill vacancy: Christopher J. Soyer

South Central Calhoun School Board

District 1 (two seats): Roger McKinney, Jason Hawkins

District 2 (two seats): Chris Green, Judy Hungate

Coon Rapids-Bayard School Board (four seats)

Jessica Chrystal, Timothy Owen Lee, Kyler South, Jeff Andersen, Jason Rosenbeck, Teresa Gelhaus

Iowa Central Community College Director District No. 4

Connie Smith

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