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Winter finally arrives

School has been canceled multiple times, and might we have deja vu?

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school buses 20-01-22

Area schools closed their doors this week — and school buses remained inert — as wintry weather threatened. After a mild start to the month, the second half of January has come out in full force with arctic elements.

If history is doomed to repeat itself, then everyone needs to buy hats with ear flaps.

Seriously. Stop reading. Go buy hats.

Here’s why:

Last year, the first half of January was dandy, too. There was a stretch of four days that averaged more than 20 degrees warmer than normal. One of those days reached 56.

The first third of this month averaged more than 10 degrees warmer than normal. One of those days reached 51.

But this year and last year, temperatures plummeted about midway through January.

And last year, the month ended with a low of -20 degrees. It was so cold that schools cancelled classes, businesses closed and the mail stopped.

So, ear flaps.

Some people call them trapper hats or aviator or bomber hats. In Canada, they might be called a tuque. (That’s pronounced tyook.)

But whatever the name, they’re warm. Buy them. (The Times Herald does not earn any commission on future tuque sales.)

There is one main difference between the Januaries of 2019 and 2020:


Less than an inch fell last year. Carroll already had 6 inches before this latest round of storms.

It’s been enough snow to cancel school multiple days, and there’s still a week to go in the month.

Still plenty of time to set some record lows. (Today’s is -30 degrees, set in 1894.)

“I would warn people to be prepared when traveling by having (a) full tank of fuel, cold weather gear/blankets, food and water in case they get stranded,” Police Chief Brad Burke said. “Also remember to bring pets inside or have a heated shelter for them along with access to water.”

Also, hats with ear flaps.

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