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Badding Letter to the Editor 9/20/21

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To the Editor:

Hats off to my hometown Arcadia. I started writing this the eve of Saturday, Sept. 4, after an awesome day at the Arcadia’s 150th — I was so overwhelmed at how that town worked to make a great day for all of us.

I guess I have to start with my friends Mary Baumhover and Marilyn Setzler, researching all the history background of the town. What a lot of work, and how I so appreciated everything.

Can you imagine a gal in her late 80s going to the mailbox and finding the good old Daily Times and seeing pictures of my mom and dad and grandpa and grandma — page after page — I’d laugh and reminisce over all the great friends I remembered. Thanks a million, Mary and Marilyn.

Still enjoying the following papers today. The 1918 tornadoes that took the Catholic Church — Mom and Dad were the first to be married in the new church. Oh, how often Dad told us of that terrible storm.

The parade was so wonderful — the best ever. Seeing old friends and classmates proudly riding and waving — what pride it gave us. God blessed us with the best weather. Thanks to my sister-in-law Mary Jo, we had front-row seats. She opened her house to our whole family. I love that small-town stuff. I looked to my right, and there was the church where I married my best friend 68 years ago.

The day was full of memories for me. The day went fast — golf carts all over if you were tried of walking. Awesome. So many hugs from long-tie people and nieces and nephews.

I sat and played Bingo to rest for a while — but my mind went sailing down the street. The Greteman Store a must after church to pick up the fixings for Sunday. Then down the street Dad and I go to the locker to get packages of meat for the week. Man, was it cold in that locker. But that was the fun of it. I asked Dad one time what would happen if that door locked shut and we couldn’t get out. He said we would have a lot of meat to eat. Then we head off and pick up the school kids. Sometimes, if we were early, we would stop at Matt Bauer’s tavern for a glass of beer, and I would get to drink the foam off the top. Gosh, I loved the smell of that place.

Across the street, Mom would go to the telephone office. The gal would show me the big black board — she showed me how if you take this big black cord and plug it in here and another black cord and plug it in there, my mom could talk to her Aunt Kate in Halbur — NO WAY! Then on the way home, we drive past the Peters Garage and we would see shiny new Buicks rolling off the trucks, WOW. We liked to stop at the Hannasch Cafe — always had to have Margaret’s gravy.

I’ll never forget we would stop by Paul and Mazey’s — they were so good to us kids. Paul was a good friend of my brothers and would often come to Sunday dinner after they were done working on the Collison Farms.

Oh, and good Porky’s — when the boys would go to Fritz’s for their haircuts, they got many a free treat there.

The Bingo plank I sat on never got hard, but the tears were starting to come. So I hopped up and got myself a wonderful hamburger and asked to see the pies. The tray she had showed me — oh my. They were all homemade. The pecan pie and crust was super.

So I said so long to my friends and I started for home. Then my car told me I had to go past Aunt Tillie’s and had to honk my horn — then I drove past the old Phil Redig house — my dad would stop many a time for a new part on the car, or just to chat. Often, Marie would come out also.

Then off I drove to the Dance Hall that Bob helped build and where we fell in love and danced to every big band that came to Arcadia.

So thanks, Arcadia. I am so proud of all of you that worked so hard to make the 150th celebration a memorable success.

God bless all of you and my good old hometown.

Joni Badding


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