Beardmore Letter to the Editor 10/11/19

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To the Editor:

Can’t we all just get along?

Much has been publicized over the condition of city/county relationship and most recently centering around the Law Enforcement Center.

This isn’t NEWs. There has been long-standing and increasing tension for years between the two governments. Sad, but true. Call it our dirty little secret if you must. And when in office as a county supervisor, and representing my district which lies solely within 51401, I tried desperately to mend. I failed miserably.

There are good people in both camps. Darn good people; each doing what they believe is best for their constituents. There will always be times of debate.

I’ve had a lot of time lately examining a repair for this, but wishing hasn’t helped. It goes well beyond marriage counseling. “Talking” and meetings don’t help. A fundamental shift in philosophy, buy-in and genuine mutual trust.

I have learned this isn’t an isolated problem across the state. You should hear the stories from Des Moines and Polk County.

Is it repairable. I believe so. We’re Carroll.

Mark E. Beardmore

Former Carroll County Supervisor D5 2008-2016


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