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Blohm Letter to the Editor 11/29/19

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To the Editor:

We’ve been living in an era of fakery — today it’s been fake news, politics, government, etc.

Burger King’s Impossible Whopper epitomizes its response to the current plant-based, fake-meat-sandwich craze. Competition is fierce in the fast-food industry. A significant segment of its customer base is looking for what they consider more environmentally friendly options/alternatives to the so-called industrial-based livestock and poultry products.

Admittedly I have not sampled any of the fake-meat options. But I’m somewhat amazed/amused by hype regarding some of the fast-food launches. Of course, consumers have expectation and want to know about the source and preparation of their food.

Expressly they are concerned about antibiotics, hormones, GMOs, etc. that might be associated with beef, pork and poultry. But do they have similar concern about what goes into the preparation, processing, flavor, creation of their faux, fake, pseudo meat?

And (tongue in cheek) how do they know whether plants might feel pain too?

The fake-meat scenario reminds me of a story several years ago in my early letters-to-the-editor writing career.

I responded to a segment in the then-Peach Sports Page of the Des Moines Register that detailed how crow meat (yes, the bird) could be made palatable/edible.

I was leery, of course, but in my subsequently published response letter I suggested that maybe a cowpie or horse biscuit could likewise be made palatable if infused with and subjected to all the available culinary concoctions.

I don’t think it makes the grades for anyone’s menu list.

William D. Blohm


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