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Blohm Letter to the Editor 2/7/20

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To the Editor:

Most of the viable remaining Democratic candidates for president, besides their common goal of beating Donald Trump, promote a list of freebies longer than a polygamist’s clothesline. These are proposals requiring big-time mega financial support. Interestingly they only offer rather vague plans (pipe dreams) i.e. soak the billionaires without really addressing how the so-called middle class will be exempted from any tax increase.

The 100 percent cancellation of student debt and providing free college tuition proposals are especially galling to me. This is a classic example of a hyper redistribution version of socialism — relieving people of responsibility for decisions they have made — decisions no one forced upon them.

No question college education has become more costly, especially since the federal government got involved in the business, subsidizing college tuition and fees, etc. with the taxpayers getting struck.

Over 60 years ago, a different era, I completed my college education, financed by my wife working two jobs, me working part-time (veterinary college was not a snap course) with no scholarships (maybe that was because I wasn’t smart enough). We did have modest help with the $160 per month GI Bill stipend, my “reward” for spending four years in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War.

After graduation, we worked pretty hard, saved some money and were able to finance our three daughters’ college educations — with no outside scholarships or otherwise financing. What consideration is there for those who worked hard, saved and did things the right way? Get my drift?

William D. Blohm


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