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Blohm Letter to the Editor 7/30/21

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To the Editor:

The Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has requested help from several states to deal with the “open border” crisis at that state’s and our country’s southern border with Mexico. Our Republican governor, Kim Reynolds, recently agreed to address Gov. Abbott’s pleas for help by sending troopers and their patrol cars to apparently assist with policing the border with some expectation that Texas would pick up the tab.

Does anyone remember former President Donald Trump’s border wall construction exercise with his insistence that Mexico would pay for the wall? Wrong — hasn’t happened, yet. Similarly, it has now become apparent that Texas will not be picking up the bill for Iowa’s contribution. Of course, the responsibility for this open-border fiasco and funding its solution lies firmly with the Biden administration and his Open Border Party that is mostly in control of Congress.

However, Gov. Reynolds missed an opportunity to make a more-effective point and in the bargain gave Democrats a talking point. She recently vetoed a bill that would have led to Iowa’s acceptance of some of the migrant children because of something to the effect: “We don’t have the capability of handling these people — it’s Biden’s problem.” That seems a bit hypocritical given that we seem to be able to afford to send our troopers on an extended mission. Now, the Open Border Party will certainly try to paint Gov. Reynolds and her party as heartless and cruel by denying help to innocent children. Perhaps it would have been better to offer to help with these (mostly) innocent children, if in return the Biden administration and his party’s congressional caucus would do their job and enforce our border laws.

William D. Blohm


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