Blohm Letter to the Editor 10/11/19

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To the Editor:

Randy Evans in his Friday, Sept. 27, Carroll Times Herald “Stray Thoughts” column took Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds to task for inconsistencies involving her support of various cases of local control (county) versus state control in Iowa.

For example, Reynolds has followed former Gov. Branstad in favoring state control of livestock-confinement construction/building. Conversely Gov. Reynolds so far has decided that wind-turbine fields are a matter for local control. There are other instances, but I wish to address the wind-turbine subject.

We have some “skin” in the Madison County controversy cited by Evans, owning property there. The Madison County Board of Supervisors has approved a one-year moratorium on issuing any new permits for wind-turbine construction. During that period, the board will consider an activist-backed initiative requiring a 1.5-mile turbine-construction distance from any residence. This activism is based on the premise that wind turbines could be the source of health problems for folks living nearby (cause cancer per our medical adviser-in-chief, Donald Trump?).

Of course, if that 1.5-mile limit were enacted and adopted across the state, it would effectively end wind-energy expansion in a state where we now receive over one-third of our energy from renewable — wind.

Meanwhile, MidAmerican Energy has found a more “welcoming” situation in next-door Adair County — constructing hundreds of turbines there. We are participants in their Arbor Hill Field in northeast Adair County. Our experience with MidAmerican Energy has been nothing but good. Maybe Gov. Reynolds needs to reconsider.

William D. Blohm


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