Blohm Letter to the Editor 09/20/2019

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To the Editor:

The Democrats are falling all over themselves “bidding” on what it will cost and/or what they will spend to save the planet. Sen. Kamala Harris includes in her plans the banning of (oil) fracking, red meat and plastic straws — just a sample of her many offerings.

I wish to weigh in on her “red-meat” thing. I suppose they all are admitted or otherwise “closet” vegans — with the not-too-subtle mission of driving animal agriculture to extinction. They associate cattle with being a major source of methane in atmospheric pollution.

I submit that many of those bi-coastal (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, California, etc.) progressives barely know the difference between a cow and a sow. For sure they don’t know that cows do very little passing of methane rectally — they ruminate (chew their cuds) and may belch some methane. If cows were such prolific sources of methane as these people credit them with, career dairymen would have hearing problems, and members of my profession — large-animal veterinarians — would also be handicapped after years of working around both ends of bovines. Furthermore, many of those vying for the presidential nomination — of either party — are a reliable bunch of prolific garbage.

Incidentally, what I’ve actually been alluding to, writing around — fart, farting, etc. — is well defined in my Webster’s, an edition dated 1997. The word has multiple uses, including one usage of how some might define me: just another old fart.

William D. Blohm


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