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Board OKs Wuebker as new ambulance director

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Eugene Meiners

The Carroll County Board of Supervisors held their meeting on August 30, 2021, at 9:00 a.m.

The first item on the agenda at the Carroll County Board of Supervisors meeting Monday was a utility permit presented by County Engineer Zac Andersen for Racoon Valley Cooperative for underground bore in Richland Township, Section 8, which the board approved.

The board reviewed the offer for new ambulance director that was signed by the applicant, and the board approved the hire of Jamie Wuebker for the ambulance director position with a starting date of Sept. 16.

Wuebker has been with Carroll County Ambulance since 2011, currently is a critical care paramedic, and has been an ER registered nurse. His salary will start at $65,000 and after a six-month probationary period will go to $70,650.

The supervisors reviewed and approved the payables of $435,079.66.

The supervisors then approved a plat for Matt Davis in Maple River.

Quotes for pest control for the courthouse, new jail and the Fricke Building were presented to the board. The first was Web Control for $4,200 per year and the second was with Plunkett’s for $1,870 per year. The board approved the Plunkett’s quote.

The following manure management annual updates were read: D&H Pork, Section 23, Washington Township, change crop rotation for optimum yields; Ben Klocke, Section 32, Newton Township, original plan; Blue Horizon Pork, Section 10, Wheatland Township, no changes; and Joe Tomka, Section 35, Arcadia Township, no changes.

The board was to meet again on Wednesday, Sept. 1, a kickoff meeting for HAVC and spatial needs in the courthouse with SEH Architects.

If you have any questions on these items or any other subject, feel free to contact me or any of the other supervisors.

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