Collison Letter to the Editor 09/06/2019

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To the Editor:

Carroll residents must stop trying to tell county supervisors what to do.

Doesn’t every Carroll resident know that our county owns the property where the new jail will be built, and our supervisors have the duty to do what they think best for the county? Doesn’t everyone know that for years our supervisors have done a good job in spending taxpayer money, and they will use their best judgment on this jail project as well?

But most important, don’t the naysayers and the media realize that their complaining and biased reporting is driving the existing wedge of ill feeling between city and county residents deeper and deeper to the point of more online and out-of-town shopping? The Chamber is touting “shop local,” yet all this complaining is having the exact opposite effect. There is no city/county loyalty, thus the comment, “Who do these few people think they are?”

For Carroll residents to complain about the loss of four parking spaces when the county has provided more than 56 parking spaces at no cost to the city for the past 50 years is both unfair, self-serving and just plain wrong. The same is true of those that complain about all sorts of imaginary dangers, including driving across a sidewalk to access secure entrance into the jail area. But every city in the country with parking ramps have millions of cars every day going in and then back out, and in every case, cars cross sidewalks to get in and out of the parking ramp.

But the big flaw in their relocation idea is by the time a new outside-city-limits location is considered, the cost could be millions more. Sewer, water and utility lines would be needed; extensive site work is probable. Plans would have to be redrawn, voters would have to vote again and for sure the $400,000 left on the table by the low bidder might be gone. And of course, operational costs would be lots more.

It’s just this kind of special-interest, shallow thinking that because they are spending other people’s money, anything goes. It’s happened in our area, but most people we talk to think our supervisors are much smarter than to let that happen to our county. People also are saying that if the naysayers want to act like architects, they need to go back to school and get a degree in architectural engineering.

R.W. Collison


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