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Stephanie Hausman

The board entered into closed session per Iowa Code 21.5(1) (c) to discuss strategy with counsel in matters that are presently in litigation or where litigation is imminent where its disclosure would be likely to prejudice or disadvantage, the position of the government body in that litigation.

There was no decision or motion acted upon in open session. There was a statement after presented by the chairman, “The City of Carroll is advised that Carroll County may request compensation for any additional expenses caused by delay of the Law Enforcement Center project or other expenses incurred as a result of improper action by the City of Carroll including but not limited to the City Manager or the City Council.”

The board held a public hearing for Motorola ISICS radio system lease. After much discussion, the public hearing was closed and the board unanimously voted to approve a 10-year lease with Motorola in the amount of $3,794,385 for digital P25 public radio system. This system upgrade allows our responders to effectively and safely respond to police, fire and medical emergencies.

A public hearing was held for fiscal year 2020 county budget amendment. Public hearing was closed and the board approved the appropriations resolution.

The board then reviewed the employee information handbook, in efforts to make changes if or as needed.

We then discussed Planning and Zoning commissioner and GIS director compensation. Further meetings are being arranged at this time, and no action was taken on this item.

The board approved the revised start date for our IT hire. Dalton Morrison’s start date is effective Oct. 7.

The board then approved Certified Testing Services Inc. proposal for providing construction materials observation and testing for the Law Enforcement Center.

The final item on our agenda was manure management annual updates. There were no changes on the nine submitted. They are: Ben Klocke, Section 32, Newton Township; Bob Danner, Section 22, Newton Township; Cornerstone Partnership, Section 12, Richland Township; Glen Eickman, Section 25, Ewoldt Township; Grand 4, Section 4, Jasper Township; Jeff Schon, Section 1, Pleasant Valley Township; Conner Finishing Site, Section 7, Glidden Township; Matthew Halbur, Section 25, Iowa Township, Crawford County; and MT Pork, Section 27, Kniest Township.

If you have any questions, reach out to your supervisors.

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