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Feauto Letter to the Editor 8/25/20

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To the Editor:

As we watched the COVID numbers rise from 37 to 92 active cases last week, we were also preparing to reopen our schools. Should we reopen our schools? The next line I took from an Associated Press article is dead-on:

“The clash in the Midwest has illustrated in condensed form the tension between science and politics — and between economic concerns and health fears — that has characterized the nation’s response to the outbreak from the White House on down.”

The article goes on to speak to Iowa’s 15 percent positivity threshold as not being based on science and is three times what the Centers for Disease Control suggest is safe.

Obviously, this is another great divide in America. I feel for the educators making these decisions as there is no way to make everyone happy. Governor Reynolds’ belief is that we must get kids back in school so their parents can get back to work. But what happens when their kids bring the virus home from school and expose the entire family/neighborhood? Those exposed are required to quarantine for 14 days before they can work, and if they get infected, they can pass it on, etc. An outbreak can occur in a matter of days as our numbers showed this past week. So as the outbreak worsens, who is working?

The county’s leaders have Zoom calls weekly and discuss how we can stop the spread. Education … I know we are all tired of hearing it, but:

— Wearing a mask does stop the spread. We need more businesses to require masks for entry.

— Do not visit virus hot spots.

— Wash your hands.

— Social distance.

Nothing new. Nothing hard. It is not political. It is common sense.

Let’s stop the spread. We are all in this together. Let’s all do our part.

Jim Feauto

Administrator, Regency Park of Carroll


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