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Green/Jones/Dolezal Letter to the Editor 1/24/20

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To the Editor:

What do three supporters of three different 2016 presidential candidates — Republican Jeb Bush, Democrat Martin O’Malley and Independent Bernie Sanders — have in common? Today, we believe Sen. Amy Klobuchar should be the next president of the United States.

During the 2016 caucuses, the three of us served as precinct captains or volunteers for three different candidates who cross the ideological divide: Gov. Bush, Gov. O’Malley, and Sen. Sanders. Although we differ on particular policy positions, we agree that our common goals for the country outweigh our differences. We believe that Sen. Klobuchar is in the best position to bring people with different perspectives together to advance our common goals. She offers the proven ability to work across party lines in Congress, the stability needed in an effective president and a pragmatic approach that provides practical solutions to the challenges we face.

Klobuchar is the most accomplished legislator in the 2020 Democratic field. She ranks first out of all 100 senators in the current Congress with bills signed into law. Her bills include support for addiction treatment and victims of human trafficking and veterans, causes on which all Americans can agree. Her Innovate America Act (2016) also secured funding to double the number of STEM schools in the United States. A portion of her Agricultural Data Act, co-sponsored with Senator John Thune (R-SD), was included in the 2018 Farm Bill and provided farmers with more tools to assess effectiveness of conservation practices. We want a president who can pass what she proposes with both Republican and Democratic votes. Klobuchar has proven she can.

These legislative achievements underscore her credentials as someone who approaches issues in a balanced manner. She simultaneously advocates for human rights, justice and a sensible plan regarding gun violence that considers and protects the rights of responsible gun owners. Klobuchar understands and leads based on knowing the differences people have on important issues but also delivers by seeing the common ground on which we stand.

Finally, Klobuchar has both the temperament and experience needed during this chaotic period in our history. As George Will has written, she has the stamina and cheerfulness required to “lead a fatigued nation in a long exhale.” We trust Klobuchar not only to avoid reckless foreign policy decisions, but to begin rebuilding trust around the world. We need her maturity and sound judgment in the Oval Office.

Klobuchar’s pragmatism allows the country to move forward while considering different perspectives. This makes her attractive to people like us: Democrats on the left, Democrats who are pragmatic idealists and moderate Republicans. Yet, as she has shown in the Senate, she has the experience of successfully working with traditional Republicans such as Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley. Ultimately, Senator Klobuchar’s unique capacity to bring people together offers the best path toward unifying and healing the country.

We are writing as individual citizens from Pella, Iowa, and our views expressed here do not necessarily represent the views of Central College.

Andrew Green, professor of political science

Keith Jones, professor of psychology

Joshua Dolezal, professor of English

Central College, Pella

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