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Hagemann Letter to the Editor 7/21/21

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To the Editor:

As a retired crop and livestock farmer, I am proud to advocate for policies that benefit local farmers, the soybean industry, and Iowa’s entire agriculture community. Having spent years developing relationships with lawmakers in Des Moines and Washington, I also understand the importance maintaining an open dialogue in order to advance long-lasting policy solutions.

I believe that any effort to pass an infrastructure plan in Congress must take a bipartisan approach, despite claims by a recent Des Moines Register editorial that “bipartisanship is largely dead.” On the contrary, an issue as big and important as infrastructure requires a thoughtful, collaborative effort on the part of all lawmakers, regardless of political party.

Under the leadership of Senator Chuck Grassley, Iowa has become a national leader in wind energy, which now represents the single largest source of electricity in the state. Not only has the growth of wind power helped reduce carbon emissions, but it has helped spur economic growth, create jobs, and provide tangible benefits for landowners and farmers in Carroll County and across the state.

Bipartisan infrastructure legislation would help Iowa continue to build on this legacy, supporting local farmers while creating more renewable energy jobs that will only continue to play an important role in our state’s economy. Senator Grassley as well as Senator Joni Ernst should prove that bipartisanship is alive and well in Washington by working with their Democratic colleagues to pass a bold, comprehensive infrastructure plan that works for Iowans and all Americans.

Hubert Hagemann


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