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Joy Letter to the Editor 10/15/20

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To the Editor:

In 2016, when considering the presidential candidates, I first considered the issue of life. I believe that Americans “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights … life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Then I read party platforms. I chose the Republican Party platform. I was disappointed when Donald J. Trump won the Republican Party nomination. With reservations, I voted for him. From his first month in the office of president, he has kept promises, sought bipartisan support and has led his administration to make significant accomplishments in many areas.

Trump reformed taxes to raise every sector in our society beyond any time in American history. He led his team to assist our veterans and military personnel in real and personal ways. His administration has led the nation in the First Step Act and criminal justice reform. Historically black colleges and universities have been significantly helped by the leadership of President Trump. I challenge you to Google and read about the many accomplishments of Trump’s team.

Read what people who spend considerable time with him say about him personally. He is compassionate toward people in desperate plights. He does not keep his presidential salary and quietly shares his money with people in difficult situations. I also challenge you to read what black Americans like Walter Williams (renowned economist/professor), Star Parker (nonprofit leader and writer) and Kay Cole James (president of The Heritage Foundation, nonprofit leader) have to say about President Trump’s policies.

That’s why I will vote for President Trump.

Bev Joy


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