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Letter to the Editor Stracke 3/10/2023

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To the Editor:

I write this before the vote so no one can say that it was written with the prejudice of how the vote may turn out. I would like to again thank anyone who had an effort in getting this SAVE measure to a vote. It is or is supposed to be the American way — to be able to vote. I know many have served and given much to maintain this right, as well as other rights; so thank you to all for giving us this privileged freedom.

All of us should be glad there is a petitioning process. At some point and time you may fall on the other side of an issue and be glad it is there to put into effect: that‘s all approximately 650  people did. They were not coerced or “lied” to; but told this isn’t about a gym, it was about the right to vote. Those who believe or propagated the “lie” that we lied to the constituents of the IKM-Manning School District were in grave error. You treated those who signed as if we could cast a spell over them to get them to bid my/our will? They have minds and an intellect all their own, and they exercised it. Was it really so mind-boggling and unbelievable that the task of garnering those signatures could not be done: that you hate us for it?

Whether the measure passed or not, still will not be the point. We will still have the walls and infrastructure of division amongst us. We have never been given parity, in my opinion. Real parity, one with significant dollars behind it. I have not seen the option that says we are wanting to keep all the school buildings viable. It has always been the buildings in the portion of the school district that lie in Manning. Always with the highest percentage if not all of the money being asked for, spent within the district that lies within Manning, nowhere else. While the highest percentage of funds generated are coming from the portion of the school district that is getting next to nothing in comparison. Remember we did enter into an educational marriage with the two districts and a good, solid marriage has give-and-take. When you do not, we have what we are experiencing. 

As said in a previous letter, we need to fix the divisions, the students now and in the future do “deserve” this. It would be the greatest lesson that we can give them. 

Remember this isn’t about me being right or anyone else being right, but it is about getting it right, in the end. 

Truth. Trust. Respect. And parity.   

Phil Stracke


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