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Ludwig Letter to the Editor 10/15/20

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To the Editor:

Friends, if you are deciding how to vote in this election, ask yourself:

Do I want higher taxes?

Do I want open borders?

Do I want tax payer-funded abortions?

Do I want to pay for healthcare for people who are in the country illegally?

Do I want my guns “bought back” or “repurchased” by the government?

A ‘no’ answer to even one of these questions means you should vote for President Trump. Joni Ernst would answer ‘no’ to these questions and deserves your vote, as does Craig Williams.

My Christian and Catholic friends rationalize with many, many, many words (at least 2 columns in a recent paper) their reasons for voting for Democrats. At the end of this diatribe, millions of babies have died and the persons for whom my friends voted have allowed/promoted/ legislated these deaths. No matter the rationalizations, their votes have contributed to these deaths.

Fact check: many candidate signs have been stolen. Biden supporters whine to the newspaper about their losses. Trump supporters have lost dozens of signs. They don’t notify the newspaper, we notify the police, replace them and carry on. That is the difference between Democrats and Republicans — no whining, take action and carry on and on and on.

Jean Ludwig


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