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Middendorf Letter to the Editor 2/14/20

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To the Editor:

On Friday, Feb. 7, 2020, Lt. Col. Vindman was escorted out of the White House for telling the truth. The truth is something Trump has no use for in any part of his life. Let’s just do a simple comparison.

Lt. Col. Vindman:

1. Purple Heart recipient

2. Awarded two defense Meritorious Service Medals

3. Awarded two Army Achievement Medals

4. Received an Army Valorous Unit Award

5. Navy Commendation

6. Republic of Korea Presidential Citation.


1. Bone spur draft dodger during Vietnam War

2. Serves only himself.

Lt. Col. Vindman left the White House with his head held high and with honor. He served his country because he loves his country, wants to serve and believes the truth matters. He is a man of courage, integrity and character.

Seventy-five percent of Americans wanted more witnesses during the impeachment. The senators were afraid of the truth — didn’t want it because they knew how it would incriminate the guilty Trump. Our senators are afraid of the retribution that would follow from Trump if they voted against him — afraid because of being bullied, belittled, scorned.

Lt. Col. Vindman is a man of courage, and he is not afraid of the simple person who lives in the White House.

Trump has no honor and serves only himself.

Which of these two men are true Americans who love their country? That is an easy answer for me. I hope some of you will also realize that truth does matter.

Barb Middendorf


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