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Olberding Letter to the Editor 6/1/20

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To the Editor:

While making calls for Bret Richards recently, I spoke with a woman from Mason City. She shared with me that she had voted by absentee for Bret earlier that week.

Her reasoning was exactly why I’m excited to support Bret. She shared with me that she’s always supported Congressman Steve King (just as I have), but now feels that we’re not getting the representation we deserve.

She went on to tell me that it’s time that we send someone new to D.C. Someone who understands what it’s like to work hard, raise a family, and build a business — someone like your neighbor. And that is exactly what we have in Bret — someone who doesn’t just talk the talk, but walks the walk.

Bret grew up in Irwin, pulling pigs and changing tires in his parents’ service station. Back in 1978, his family’s business was the first to sell gasohol in Shelby County. He went to Irwin-Kirkman-Manilla and went on to college here in Iowa. After graduating, he married his high school sweetheart Jill and was commissioned in the U.S. Army as a combat engineer officer.

Bret always told me the Army was a great place to learn leadership, but he and Jill knew that they wanted to raise their family in the same small town with same values they learned growing up. So, they came back to Irwin, started a family, and grew the family business to employ more than 300 Iowans in rural communities across our area. And right now, he teaches business students at Creighton University and serves as the board chair of the Manning Regional Healthcare Center.

Bret is a conservative, everyday Iowan, through and through. He’s a pro-life Christian who attends the Church of Christ in Audubon with his wife and has three kids in the IKM-Manning school system. As an NRA member since he was 18, he strongly supports our gun rights, and believes the Second Amendment defends all others.

Strongly opposed to career politicians, Bret believes in putting term limits on Congress and has said he will lead by example keeping himself to no more than five terms (10 years), and then he’s headed back to Irwin.

From renewable fuels to shrinking the federal government, Bret stands with regular, hardworking Iowans.

I know this firsthand because of how hard Bret has worked on the campaign trail, going to more campaign events than the four other candidates combined. He’s listened to and met with thousands of everyday Iowans where they are (from the Carroll County Fair to front doorsteps in Coon Rapids and Auburn).

I am confident that he will work just as hard, if not harder, as our representative.

He’s always been the most accessible candidate, and in Congress, I know he’ll stick to his roots.

Friends, it is vital that we nominate a principled conservative who can beat J.D. Scholten in November. I am asking you to join me and thousands of other everyday Iowans and cast your vote for Bret Tuesday.

Dausin Olberding

Former political agent for the Iowa GOP, political consultant and former executive field director for the Bret Richards Campaign.

Lake City

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