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Rolling Hills reports on core services

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Eugene Meiners

The first item on the agenda at the Carroll County Board of Supervisors’ meeting last Monday was an update from Dawn Mentzer, CEO for Rolling Hills Community Services. She reported on the core services that need to be in place to meet the time frame on the new requirements set by the State Legislature this past year. One of those core services will be an access center in Sioux City.

She also had a discussion with the supervisors about fund balances on the county level, which need to be used up or will be scooped by the state. With the new law after this current fiscal year, the state will be funding mental health and it will no longer be funded by taxation by the county.

The Board of Supervisors reviewed and approved a 28E agreement with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to establish the terms and conditions for delegation to designate Carroll County as a permitting agency of the DNR Department’s permit-issuing authority with respect to private water-well construction and reconstruction.

The board then acknowledged receipt of the collective bargaining proposals for the Ambulance and Secondary Roads.

Two payables were approved by the supervisors to Region XII Council of Governments for a total of $51,406. These were for pass-through grants for housing programs.

The board reviewed project change order #9 for 12 different items at a total cost of $42,120. The change order was approved by the supervisors.

The board was presented a phone system agreement for the Department of Human Services office in the Paul Frickie Building from Western Iowa Networks for a one-time cost of $2,512.28 and monthly cost of $569.77. After reviewing, the board approved the agreement.

The following manure management annual updates were read: Hinners Site, Section 1, Lincoln Township, Audubon County, changed crop rotation for optimum yields; Smith Brothers Farm, Section 3, Sheridan Township, no changes; and Bob Danner, Section 22, Newton Township, no changes.

If you have any questions on any of these subjects or any others, feel free to contact me or any other supervisors.

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