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Searl Letter to the Editor 1/24/20

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To the Editor:

Have you noticed the flood of TV ads for prescription drugs recently? You cannot simply go get these pharmaceuticals at the drug store, so I don’t see the need for the ads unless you think your doctor is ignorant or not providing you with the best treatment, in which case you need a new doctor. Most of us don’t understand what the drug does or how it works, let alone the side effects.

Maybe the reason for the ads is that the drug companies pay little to no income tax. Thanks to President Trump’s income-tax plan enacted by the Republican Congress, the drug companies have extra money to spend on the TV ads. This might also explain why they can pay their CEOs yearly salaries of $20 million or $30 million with really nice retirement plans and benefits. Stop and think: $20 million a year gives you a weekly paycheck of about $385,000, and $30 million a year is almost $577,000 a week. Not bad. Thanks, Mr. Trump.

Not having to pay much income tax might be the reason the drug companies and their CEOs can afford to make million-dollar donations to political candidates, including Mr. Trump. Come to think of it, didn’t Trump tell us he was going to lower drug costs? I wonder how that plan is going.

Richard L. Searl


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