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Sharp Letter to the Editor 2/26/21

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To the Editor:

This is in response to a Letter to the Editor appearing in the 19 February, 2021 edition of the Carroll Times Herald submitted by D.G. Partridge of Wall Lake. This letter is based upon incorrect facts and wrong beginning suppositions and conjectures.

The author contends that either a school voucher or an additional $1,000 tax credit places an undue burden upon the schools’ budgets. Giving parents the choice to place their children, for whom they are responsible, in the best school in their area is equitable for all. If that means students are leaving a public school due to its poor performance, and that school loses funding, it is a right and just consequence. If the school is failing and parents choose to send their student to another school, the funding should follow the student. Since there are no other means of merit-based quality control of the quality of our children’s education, only school choice and voucher systems remain; the failing teachers losing their job because the students left only seems fair: terminated for poor performance of teachers is the same and fair consequence that we face in the work environment.

In the author’s own county, according to National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Census Bureau and the Iowa Department of Education: East Sac Elementary in Sac City is ranked 554th of 603 Iowa schools. With this school teaching pre-kindergarten through 4th grade means that its students are dangerously underserved thereby effecting the entirety of their educational experience, at a cost of $13,478 per student in 2019. Carroll Kuemper is a highly rated local school with a full tuition rate for a 4th grade student of $6,900. Carroll Community School District is ranked 59th of 342 Iowa school districts.

It is imperative the student take advantage and fully utilize the educational opportunities provided. Our duty is to ensure that students are able to attend adequate and performing schools and receive an education necessary to apply this rudimentary knowledge to proceed and succeed in life. Those students who scoff at the requirements and discipline of school and do not participate end up disadvantaged; this is their fault, not ours. This has nothing to do with any ‘privilege’ of someone else, but is the responsibility and consequence of the individual to bear. It seems the poorly educated parents that are advocating to opt out of fact-based teaching are ill-equipped to be making good choices for their children — the epitome of generational educational ignorance – perpetuated by an irresponsible media foisting fiction such as 1619 as truth; the media’s conduct is reprehensible.

The author was critical of HB222 that would remove funding for teaching a history curriculum based upon the debunked “1619 Project”. This has not been “taught in the nations schools since 1994”; as the author contends. The 1619 Project was authored in 2019. This is not a legitimate history curriculum and should not be funded. The 1619 essays are a propagandist attack on our children, and our shared American history. In order to destroy a political order, you first must destroy common history.

Historian Phil Magness, of the American Institute for Economic Research, has criticized Desmond’s 1619 Project essay, and has persuasively argued that this claim lacks verification, and that Desmond relied on bad data. “Desmond’s thesis relies exclusively on scholarship from a hotly contested school of thought known as the New History of Capitalism (NHC),” wrote Magness in a second article. “Although NHC scholars often present their work as cutting-edge explorations into the relationship between capitalism and slavery, they have not fared well under scrutiny from outside their own ranks.”

The author then addresses the issue of conservative college professors being denied tenure as if this were a new condition. This is not a matter of “perceived discrimination of political interpretation”; but a matter of the ingrained agnosticism and anti-American culturalism that has been happening since the 1930’s; that has culminated in a higher education culture wherein the conservative minds are excluded from any chance of tenure by the liberal faculty in their snowflake tower.

In William F. Buckley’s, “God and Man at Yale”; he describes the condition of professors who teach and indoctrinate values that are agnostic, collectivist – or socialist theories, and anticapitalism as of the late 1940’s; not factual, unbiased economics and history but inaccurate progressive history that is now curriculum and taught to our children. Of course, the educated ‘elite’ have thoroughly promulgated the “educational professionals” since that time. It is our duty as parents and mentors of the upcoming generation to stop these dangerous trends. Profligate socialism; that leads to communism; and an anti-capitalist assumption; is positioned as a core value in today’s educational materials. Ultimately, we will have the voice and idea killing censorship of totalitarianism.

America stated its values in the first document of its founding; “The Declaration of Independence”, which makes clear the intent all men are created equal. While it took time and bloodshed to bring this to its full intention; we have made, and are still making much progress in fulfilling our ideals. It is imperative that all of us remain informed and engaged and protect the integrity of our children’s education.

Bradley D. Sharp


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