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Siemann Letter to the Editor 8/28/20

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To the Editor:

When the Carroll Recreation Center was completed and dedicated in 1977, it was a tremendous accomplishment for a community of our size. We became the envy of all the communities around us. No city in Iowa of our size had ever done such a project. Carroll was talked about and was visited by numerous civic groups and city leaders from all around Iowa. When Tom Vilsack was mayor of Mount Pleasant, before becoming Iowa governor, he even came all the way over here with a Mount Pleasant delegation just to see our marvelous Rec Center.

I well remember going to the Rec Center over my noon hours 40-plus years ago and walking and running around the gymnasium for exercise during the winter months. I remember swimming for exercise in the winter months in the indoor pool. I remember the days, evenings and weekends all year round when the facility was crowded with both the young and the old.

The Recreation Center was constructed in 1977 because the older generation of city leadership and citizens at that time had a vision to improve the community and provide 12-month recreation, exercise and a facility for performances not matched in Iowa by any other community our size.

The Rec Center now is in serious need of updates and renovation. We cannot let this facility decline. We have already made the investment. Now we must act to maintain it.

As young people 43 years ago, we enjoyed and benefited from what the older generation did for us with the construction of the Rec Center. Now that we are the older generation, it is time for us to step forward and renovate and improve the facility. We need to do for younger Carroll residents what was done for us when we were young.

And young voters, you need to vote!

Please join me in voting “yes” for the Carroll Recreation Center referendum.

Please also join me in voting “yes” for the Local Option Sales Tax referendum.

Greg Siemann


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