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Venture off on your own journey in life

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Slade Sibenaller

Editor's note: This was Slade Sibenaller's valedictorian speech at the Carroll High School commencement ceremony.

Well, class, I wasn’t quite sure how to start this speech. Should I go for a heart-warming opening? A funny memory? Maybe a motivational quote? Unfortunately, none of those are happening, so all I have to say is: we made it. We made it through the fastest four years of our lives while attending the most amount of school days from our beds, or at least I did.

There’s many people who I’d like to thank from my four years at Carroll High. First, thank you to the parents and family members who have helped us all get here today. Special thank you to my parents for always being there and pushing me to become a better person each and every day. I know I may not show or say it often, but I appreciate everything you two have done for me, and I’m grateful you’ve given me the freedom to pursue my dreams.

To the freshman and varsity football staff, thank you for four great years of Tiger football. Row and Nagl, thank you for trusting me the past three years and allowing me to grow as a player. Also, thanks for the “loving” care you gave each one of us. Coach Young and his assistants, thank you for coming in with such a young group of guys and turning Carroll baseball around. You’ve all instilled life lessons and memories in me that I’ll always cherish.

Lastly, thank you to the whole Carroll High School faculty. Thank you Coach McCartan for some great years in football, but also as a guidance counselor helping through scholarships and my college decision. Thank you to all my math and science teachers for inspiring me to pursue an engineering degree.

To the class of 2021, thank you for four great years filled with many laughs and memories. As we all move on from high school, don’t be afraid to step away from the norm to be different. Venture off on your own journey in life, and as Mr. McCartan always says, “be a Tigger, not an Eeyore.” Congratulations class of 2021; I wish you all the best with whatever your futures hold. Now let’s get ready to turn those tassels.

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