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Who’s really fighting for Iowa’s working people?

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Jeff Shudak

COUNCIL BLUFFS: As a union plumber and labor advocate, I have long since learned that when it comes to politicians, what they do is more important than what they say.

Since joining Congress in January 2019, Representative Cindy Axne has been a strong and consistent advocate for Iowa’s working families. In the current session, Rep. Axne was the only Iowa member of Congress to vote for the American Rescue Plan.

In addition to the stimulus and unemployment protections many of us know about, that plan also included passage of the Butch Lewis Emergency Pension Relief Act — a single law that will preserve and protect the pension plans of more than 1 million American workers, including thousands of current workers and retirees in Iowa.

On March 9 of this year, Rep. Axne was, again, the only Iowa member of Congress to vote for passage of the PRO (Protect the Right to Organize) Act.

This act is essential to working people in America and would prohibit the kind of union-busting that just occurred with Amazon workers in Alabama.

The PRO Act is a necessary first step to pushing back against the out-of-control wage inequality and increasing wealth gap between workers and billionaires in this country. Workers must have the power to bargain collectively for better wages and benefits so we can bring back our thriving middle class. Rep. Axne understands that.

Lots of politicians like to talk about “workers” at election time, but then go to D.C. and act on behalf of “donors” instead.

If you say you are for Iowa’s working families, but you don’t vote for the kind of legislation that makes Iowa workers’ lives better, then why should we vote for you? Rep. Axne is the only Iowa member of Congress who consistently stands with and votes on behalf of the working people of Iowa.

We count on her to carry our voice to D.C. and work to make our lives better, and she does.

If only we had three more members of Congress like her.

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