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Carroll recovers from slow start for third-straight win

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Just like that, the Tigers have entered a winning streak and are proving they still will be a team to contend with as the rest of the season rolls along.

After falling below .500 on the season just before the holiday break, Carroll has climbed back to a 6-5 overall record on the season.

Their most-recent win — the sixth of the season and third straight for Carroll — came on Tuesday, when the Tigers took a road win away from ADM, 42-32.

At first, it might not have seemed like the visiting Tigers were destined for the road win.

Both teams were busy trying to figure out each other in the first eight minutes, which didn’t lead to a lot of scoring options for either team. The home team, ADM, was able to get to the rim a few more times, as they would lead 11-8 after the opening eight minutes.

That would be the last time in the game that the black and orange would trail. Starting in the second quarter, the Tigers from Carroll started to roar back.

Ella Collison would help lead the charge, as Carroll would use its senior-heavy experience to get to the basket. ADM wasn’t able to hold up to the speed and shot power of Carroll.

After scoring 15 points in the second quarter, it was Carroll that had the advantage at halftime 23-20.

Things would get sweeter for the Tigers in the second half. ADM hung around with Carroll at the start of the third quarter, but Carroll scored more, holding ADM to eight points. Carroll, meanwhile, scored 12 points in the third.

Throughout the fourth quarter, the scoring dropped off for both teams. ADM was held to just four points. Carroll scored seven points to secure its third-consecutive victory.

Collison would score 11 points in the game to help lead what was an overall balanced effort by Carroll. She also had nine rebounds and two steals.

Camryn Schable added eight points with 11 rebounds. She also had two steals. Gabi Hammer added seven points with five assists. Both Laura Sweeney and Shay Sinnard scored six points. Sweeney finished with three rebounds. Sinnard added a rebound and a steal.

Kennedy Lein had four points with four rebounds and three steals.

Carroll (6-5) will be on the road against Gilbert (11-1) tonight.

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